Leopard & Hyena Fight Over Impala While it Tries to Run Away

تم نشره في 2021/03/30
A family of tourists spotted a leopard hiding behind a thick tree, ambushing a nearby unaware herd of impala. The leopard makes a perfect catch, but, the alarm calls coming from the impalas attracted a hyena! The hyena saw this as an opportunity to get a free meal. Although, the impala was pregnant, so the hyena was not only getting one meal, but two.
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This one-of-a-kind sighting was captured by 43-year-old secretary, Charlene Swanepoel, while on safari with her family and friends in the Kruger National Park, near Letaba Rest Camp.
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Charlene tells Latestsightings.com the story: “On an early morning game drive near Letaba, we were treated to some unbelievable action. We were privileged enough to experience this very exciting moment, where a gorgeous one eyed leopard waited patiently for his moment to catch an impala.”
“Successful in his attempt, we were in awe at what we saw, yet another highlight awaited us, when suddenly a hyena appeared out of the bush and stole the impala from the leopard.”
“Old One Eye and the hyena fought each other, but the hyena overpowered One Eye multiple times. The poor impala thought that this was his chance to get away, but luck was not on his side.”
“The one-eyed leopard moved away and kept his distance. It was in that moment that we heard another fight...could it be? Another leopard on the scene!”
“Old One Eye fled into the highest nearby tree. And the younger male leopard waited patiently for some scraps that the hyena may leave behind. The hyena enjoyed his meal, and then picked up the impala, leaving some scraps behind and walked into the bush.”
“We were lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time!”
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  • Try keeping the camera still

  • Vegan beware This is your fate !

  • I like how the leopard is so fearful of an injury and the hyena just doesn't care.

  • What was that impala doing stopping to take a piss?

  • ar-one.info/down/dXLJe9KSqJKUysw/fydyw.html

  • I wish the king is there, if so,this scavenger will run as fast as it cans..

  • Ненавижу гиен 😠

  • I'm so glad i'm a human and at the top of the food chain. Don't have yo worry about animals trying to eat me alive everyday.

  • I hate jokes on this kind of videos.. poor stupid people. Their guts should be taken care by this hyena.

  • മലയാളികൾ ഉണ്ടോ 😄👍

  • The hyena did a quick baby delivery using C-Section.

  • Poor 📹 shot from too far can't even see what's happening

  • Game over when Hyena grabbed it. Look at size of Hyena's head even leopard is scared to fight with

  • They are happy I wasn't there

  • Bogus no matching with title 🙄

  • It had so many chances to escape tho

  • Deer : hey I have a catch one get one offer running..you wanna chase me😁

  • Impala: Guys its safe, it's ok, look its absolutely.... SHHHIIIITT!!!

  • Incredible how leopards bully on wild dogs ,cheetah and everything a lil bit shorter than them and when they face hyenas most of the times they run away even if it is a lonely hyena.

    • @RYU583 Leopards don't see Hyenas as prey, they don't know how to fight off a confident hyena. Being solitary animal they have to be very cautious. So Leopards don't try and runaway

    • @Donald Staton Leooards are more than capable of killing a hyena, but it becomes a game if risk. Is it worth trying to kill such a dangerous meal and perhaps sustain an injury which could be fatal (blood loss or infection). Not to mention Hyenas are a pack animal ...so to try and kill a hyena just to be swarmed by 20 other hyenas is not a smart move

    • The leopard is clearly weaker than the hyena. Her jaws are a hydraulic press.

    • Well that's because they are no match for the hyena even if it is just one.

  • Man I hate how dogs and hyenas kill. They just start eating the poor animal alive. I would much rather the feline kill it from the neck as it seems a tiny bit more humane and less painful then being ripped apart while being alive from your private area and tummy. Does anybody else agree? Or care to elaborate more to me as which might be more painful to the poor little animal? I know it’s nature but no matter how many times I see it it still breaks my heart. 🥺

  • Im surprise the leopard last the hyena take his/her meal like that

  • 😂😂

  • Then someone says leopard is stronger than hyenas. Leopard may have more arsenal for fighting but doesn’t have the balls

  • 1.40 🙄

  • Impala are safe in zoo rather than jungle..

  • #RestoreTheSnyderVerse

  • Cant understand how a leopard is bullied by only one hyena. Maybe he thought other hyenas were around?? Idk

  • what is wrong with that it leopard it looks big enough to deal with that hyena just freaking attack the hyena and take back what you worked hard for that was really a coward leopard

  • A lion would never lol

  • Why is the leopard losing its prey to a hyena

  • Why is the leopard running away from the hyena? Fight it and kill it.

    • @M Mau I didn't say that, Hyena is equally strong as Leopard, They have loose skin like honey badgers, so its difficult to kill them. Leopard vs hyena, its 60-40. But a slight mistake can cause the Leopard a leg. Hyenas bite is very strong

    • @Kratos so a hyena is stronger than a leopard and would win in a fight?

    • Ha ha u talk like hyena is some antelope. Its a fucking hyena which even male lions struggle to kill.

  • Mpala was so shocked , it would have gotten away if it wasn't.

  • Everything was normal until i have found the impala was pregnant. And hyena took her kid out of her womb.

  • Leopard: 'so, you come here often?'

  • By seeing this I understood that every dog has its own day. A single hyena 😎 played a role of superhero 😂

    • @Mitrax zero nope it's a proverb I didn't mean that hyenas are dogs and dogs are hyenas 😂

    • hyenas are not dogs, they are more related to felines than canines

  • Dont u know how to use zoom in sir? :D

  • Cobras assistindo e não faz nada

  • That's the most badass hyena I have ever seen

    • @Victor RR a lone hyena fence off a leopard is amazing

    • Why? Hyenas are not escared of leopards

    • 🤦‍♀️ #DartsGhost

  • For those who are hating on the hyenas for taking food from the leopard: it's literally trying to survive. By that logic, you should be hating all animals, as they're all just trying to survive. And besides, it's just as easy for the inverse to have happened (I.E. the hyena making the kill, then the leopard takes the kill from the hyena), would you then be hating the leopard?

  • Impala's are tougher than I thought, hyenas bites are insanely powerful and it got right back up and tried to run, pure adrenaline.

  • no such tihgn as tryx or etc or not, bigx s infeirox bloatx, doesnt matter, idts

  • টাকার জন্য নয় মৃত্যু থেকে পালানোর জন্য লড়াই

  • Curiosity killed the impala

  • donkey video Animals HD

  • I love wild dogs and hyena

  • Why is a leopard afraid of Hayena? Very disappointing, pity and very hurt that it endeavors to hunt for prey, but allows let Hayena takes away. Why does it give up even though it should be able to fight? Or are they good at hunting, but not good at fighting?

  • R.I.P

  • Cruel just help animal 😰😢🥺🥺

    • This is nature. They did not set this up.

  • Booset the camara man why not help

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  • Hyenas always come along after another Predator done made a kill and try and steal their catch. Usually don't go well with them when they try that with a Lion, especially a male Lion.

    • Actually, spotted hyenas hunt most of their own prey.

  • Bando de imundície facão ser divertido i fotografar

  • Best channel when it comes to wildlife in Africa, more Hyena videos please! They're fascinating animals. I must have watched every single hyena video on AR-one so I have no more to watch :(

    • @Daniel Okpara Year 7 You obviously didn't read my comment properly.

    • They can't choose the videos they want to make and stumble across the animals by luck or tracking lol

  • A leopard has no chance against such a full grown hyena.. we had witnessed a leopard kill a prey and two hyenas just snatched it away from it as if they had killed it... the leopard ran away and hid behind a nearby bush and watched hopelessly as they devoured his hard earned meal.... these are other sightings make me hate hyenas so bad.... ugly, smelly, greedy animals....

    • Trying to survive does not make one "greedy". Also, spotted hyenas hunt more often than they scavenge (and besides, all predators will steal from one another, if given the opportunity. The event you saw could have easily happened the other way around: with the leopard stealing from the hyena. Would you have hated leopards if it was that way around?).

  • Impala: "LADIES LADIES, No need to fight there is plenty of me to go around" ;)

    • 😂😂

    • Thats a male leopard there.its got a dewlap if you check clearley



  • Гиена, как собака кошку - леопарда отогнала!! А то пишут умники что они тока стаей могут отбирать!! Волк к примеру у рыси то не рискнет отнять добычу, а тут коша в 4-5 раз поболее рыси подвинулась!! Ай да пятнистая гиена!! Не зря у неё пояс чемпиона по силе укуса!!

  • التصویربعید🤔

  • why hyenas are not up there as one of the strongest in the animal kingdom, they could bully any animal for food , that jaw power is next level

  • Can one go on safari for killing Hyena? Asking for a friend.

  • hyenas are nasty animals, bad animals !!

    • No animal is "bad", they're all just trying to survive.

  • The leopards must get its kill up in a tree to avoid the scavenger hyena..

  • "For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now." Roman's 8:22

  • This wasn't a fight but an excuse me let me take over this mkayyyy....

  • Man, i hate hyenas

  • pure evil, why didnt they do something instead of sitting around taking photos?

    • This is nature. This would have happened regardless of whether or not the people were there. Nothing "evil" about it, as other animals don't have the same morals as we do. They're simply trying to survive.

  • Sorry my impala,me and my family too we used to be like u in 1994 in Rwanda,life goes on fellow impalas,keep running

  • Last impala was like, why you are all in a rush? Well too late for that answer.

  • Just me or does that hyena looks really big?

  • زندگی کردن بعضی ازمامثل این فیلمه دقیقا میبینیم ولی برای نجات کاری نمیکنیم مثل این فیلم بردارفقطعکسشو میگیریم

  • The hyena is much larger and stronger than the leopard. But the leopard is much faster than the hyena

  • Coward leopard ran like owed child support

  • Bando de babacas não fazem nada se divertem com o sofrimento do animal

  • It's the animal that tarries that gets taken.

  • Desde 🇧🇴 Sudamérica Santa Cruz bolivia 🇧🇴 saludos a todos es la ley de la naturaleza la presa y el cazador por naturaleza 🇧🇴👀👀👀

  • Беременная была антилопа...

  • What a bad video 📹

  • 0:56 Winn-Dixie? Lol

  • Hahaha ar-one.info/down/qV7JZradns-2vNA/fydyw.html

  • Poor impala getting killed while you are pregnant is very horrible death. I always hate those stupid dirty hyenas.

  • When everyone runs, you run.

    • How are you supposed to run when you're pregnant?

    • 🤦‍♀️ #DartsGhost

  • Very interesting! Rough nature! Thanks! Jarmila

  • Knowing Hyena , they always shadowing other predator looking for an opportunity to steal meal , every step is a calculated move, and every move is a calculated step, Leopard on the other side must submit wisely, one meal is not worthy to sacrifice her whole life , for now the advantage is always on the mighty , Hyena get a meal while leopard loses meal but save her life from deadliest enemies confrontation , Impala was unlucky maybe she was physically exhausted , how I was I could be zoologist someday and visit Africa's most spectacular wildlife , #Philippines #Seafood capital of the Philippines

  • Gruesome....those freaking hyenas are beasts and I hate them, they remind me of nasty gutter trash for some reason. Give me majestic lions, tigers, panthers and leopards anyway🤩

  • How come a leopard run away from a hyena?

  • 더러운 동물 하이에나. 멸종 해라

  • Not trying to sound tough but if I was that Leopard I’d try to fight a little bit to see if there’s a chance to win the food back. I mean they are almost at the same size, leopard could swing his paws from range while the hyena only has one weapon which is his bite.

    • @Raging Kid Leopard's scratch don't work on Hyenas and hyenas also know that. Henas have loose skin and they can easily tank Leopard's swipe. Watch this video, Leopard tried like what u said still no use.. m.ar-one.info/down/hpnZqJangczK07o/fydyw.html

    • @Raging Kid The hyena can handle paw swipes unlike a chimp or gorilla. There's videos of leopards trying to counterattack a hyena bullrush them with paw swipes with no effect because they have loose skin and are very robust. infact, there's studies that the hyena is a more robust animal than a leopard. There's tons of footage of hyenas bum rushing leopards while paw swipes being ineffective.

    • @Bryan R Yeah but not by a lot, while the hyena has only one way to win, which is trough biting in close range, while the leopard can also do scratching from “mid-range”. I’d imagine two scratches to the face could make the hyena think about quitting if he doesn’t want to risk getting his eyeballs gouged. Scratching from distance could be a low risk&high reward move in such situation compared to biting. That’s also why cats can sometimes fend off dogs, wolverines can sometimes fend off wolves, mainly because they could scratch and bite while their bigger opponents could only bite, two weapons vs one weapon. The leopard should have tried scratching from distance as its advantage imo.

    • Hyena is stronger than leopard though

    • Leopard didn't want any smoke. Just wanted to attack pregnant, tiny deer

  • Can you hold your camera....or turn it off.

  • Strange!! Why did the impala stop?? Why didn’t he run with the others? And he just stood there!! 😮🤔

  • Enquanto o povo morre de fome, fico apoiando predadores

  • Let the leopard have it. Hyena is too trashy for such a nice animal like an impala.

  • Nature is tremendously cruel. Those who say that nature is beautiful are psychopaths or stupid.

  • This is why I like a Male Lion...tht hyena would have died with tht imp today

  • Stupid and coward leopard. 🤨

  • Cat walking in the jungle. That’s what you get...

  • Hyena made a big mess

  • As hienas são muito inchiridas

  • Τι απαίσιο ζώο είναι η υαινα

  • W la figa

  • *" WhY aRe YoU RUNiN ??"* Ah , memories .

  • A South American Jaguar would put up a better fight with that Hyena?! Leopard just wimped out!

    • @Denver Nugget’s backboard Just one good bite to neck is easier said than done. U think hyena is some kind of deer.. Hyenas have loose skin like honey badgers and thick neck, they can manure their neck easily and are very durable creatures. Even male lions struggle to kill adult Hyenas. They have survived maulings from male lions. Its very tough to subdue the hyena without getting bitten by it, that's why we don't see lioness killing Hyena. Lioness is much bigger and powerful than Jaguar or Leopard. So u can imagine how tough hyenas are.. in a fight to death Jag or Leopard might kill a Hyena, but they would be seriously injured in that process, like one good bite from hyena can fracture their leg

    • @Kratos i mean they can, just one good bite in the neck, but the fight is not worthy for them

    • I don't think Jaguar can fight and chase a Hyena, there is no much difference between a leopard and Jaguar. Jaguar is slightly bigger than Leopard.. still Both are solitary and behaviour ll also be same..

    • Males or hungry enough leopards usually fight, but this one might wait, it only takes one good bite from hyenas too screw them big time.