Worst Dude Perfect Videos of All Time | OT 23

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Our best video ever.. features our worst videos ever?! Yep. Opposite Edition! Not Top 10, Wheel Fortunate, Not Cool Cool, & Get Un-Crafty! Another OT you don't wanna miss!
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Intro: 0:00
Not Cool Cool: 01:27
Not Top 10: 07:00
Wheel Fortunate: 16:54
Get Un-Crafty: 22:33
Our Top 10 Worst Videos:
1. New Rewards: ar-one.info/down/f56cipahhqqx2Zk/fydyw.html
2. Trick Shots and Cats: ar-one.info/down/q4OUo9Ccos6wt5E/fydyw.html
3. Zero Gravity Edition (Trick Shots in Space): ar-one.info/down/nmS6qNV5idmurNQ/fydyw.html
4. Exploding Flour: ar-one.info/down/eIaXfbWSetzY0pk/fydyw.html
5. Trick Squirts: ar-one.info/down/iJOUqJR_fcqStZE/fydyw.html
6. George Bush Library Edition: ar-one.info/down/a6S8f7eAcsmistg/fydyw.html
7. Kayaking Down an Escalator: ar-one.info/down/aGemoKpxqcnFybY/fydyw.html
8. Red Cards in Rio Prank: ar-one.info/down/bGPYnrBgZNTPyrI/fydyw.html
9. Editor Edition 2: ar-one.info/down/fqfdbceIftqmnro/fydyw.html
10. 500 ft. Moving Goal Shot: ar-one.info/down/bXWUjteFdJfDstQ/fydyw.html
Honorable Mentions:
The High Rise Shot: ar-one.info/down/f5DDZtKmorW219A/fydyw.html
Ferris Wheel Edition: ar-one.info/down/q3fdfMmImdnRvNQ/fydyw.html
Crazy Arena Edition: ar-one.info/down/aHnQsJOBaLu0ysg/fydyw.html
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Comment: Way to go DPeditors on 4 OT's in December!
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  • Yes I do what 3

  • yesssss we want editor edition 3

  • Poor kobe

  • Anyone else think wheel fortunate was disappointing. compared to the other options on the wheel.

  • Yes

  • Editor edition 3

  • Editors 3

  • 12:18. Your welcome


  • Did you eat Tyler 😂😂🤣🤣

  • ha ha ha haahhahhahhah ha ha ha a aha ahaha a ha hah a ha a ha aha a ha ah ah ah ah a a a hat hhahahahahh

  • Trick shots with cats

  • Definitely when ty slipped on cereal on another top 10😂

  • 3:44 he tries to cheat lol

  • Yes


  • Can we have edited trick shots 3

  • editor edition three

  • Yes, Bring On Editor Edition 3

  • true

  • No

  • Dude when the part when sparkle said, "Are the human bones?" DUDE ITS GINGER OF COURSE IT EDIBLE!!!

  • Im coming to the meat and greet

  • the not rage monster

  • J

  • i need a editor 3 for more laughter

  • Trick shots with cats is in the top 10 of dude perfects best videos😏

  • stinky

  • All of them

  • Should have been dogs and trick shots

  • Best ot so far

  • Yesssssss

  • " IVE BEEN WAITING 23 OVER TIMES FOR THIS.. WE-" intro plays

  • Editor edition 3 yasssss!!

  • Now you should do the top ten best dp videos

  • Yes

  • Especially

  • I want Etitor edishon 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

  • If the golf club pencils came up in regular cool not cool nobody would have voted green

  • Editor edition 3 all the way!

  • I won’t editor addition 3 ez

  • Pls make a 3 on editor edition

  • I’m watching the not top ten on the bro-mo vid and me and (who I think was Cory) say literally at the same time “look at that beard!” LOL 🤣🤣🤣


  • editor 3

  • Yes

  • Yes


  • 17:11 the sped kid when everyone is taking a test

  • We want editor edition 3

  • "Crazy cheesy crust pizza?????" Bro that made me laugh so hard-

  • Yes. Editors edition 3 plz

  • No

  • yes

  • am i the only one who thinks cody got some of his item ideas from MrBeast video?

  • bro library edition is so cool to me with it being 6 DAYS before i was born, i have literally watched this channel for so long that just THAT makes me happy

  • i have seen this 4 times and I still laugh at looc looc ton

  • Yes

  • Ty: I’m very disappointed in some of you Also Ty: This is the best dehydrated water I’ve ever had

  • Edited edition 3 gang

  • Worst DP moment: Cory not on Wheel Fortunate.

  • 2 weeks later he's wearing the same shirt!!!

  • I do want editor 3

  • guys , i'm just saying ty just folded the names and put in the hat right there so he could have just folded his name the last and pretend to put in the hat and drew it out suddenly . I'm just saying

  • Editor Edition 3 they should add cause it looks so funny and serious.

  • Yes editor addition 3

  • Where’s will

  • 2014

  • I feel bad for coby😂

  • ffffffaarrrrrrrrtttttssssssssssszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzsssszzs areeeeeeee awesome

  • Yes to editor 3 but please have hockey

  • Yes I want editing edidition 3

  • Part 3 part 3!!!!!!!!!

  • The bomb was crazy

  • i want a editor edition 3

  • Sparks, that was ginger

  • I love u guys

  • I like how they cut every single one of coby’s intros

  • Y’all showing exploding stuff was me going down memory lane

  • Editor 3 yes!

  • Should've used carolina ghost peppers' on get uncrafty

  • just click 12:15

  • Editor Edition 3 is some thing for "Cool, not Cool". My vote is Green.

  • We are forgetting that dp started as a trick shot channel but they have now started uploading battles and overtimes more than trick shots but I love ot and battles more than trick shots

  • 3:30 I have got those

  • yes!!!! editor addition 3!

  • Looc looc ton ... What is this, a Luke Skywalker rip off.

  • Coby made a burger from the 1980s

  • I think burning the burger into a crisp like that is cheating a bit. No creativity.

  • Has anyone noticed that (COOL NOT COOL) is back words...😂

  • I am rewatching editor addition 3 whoo

  • With wheel fortunate why didn’t they have everyone but one person if it’s opposite week

  • Editor edition 3! Like if u think so !!!

  • I'm crying dawg. 😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ty's my fav

  • Best line It should be me with no eyebrows

  • Guys if it was normal cool not cool and if coby even mentioned it as golf pens he wouldn't have even got 2 greens ......... In not cool cool he got super cool ARE YOU KIDDING ME

  • wait you have to dis like because you know

  • No no no

  • Yes editor edition three