Mooski On 'Track Star' Success, Serving In The Marines, Healing Through Music + More

تم نشره في 2021/03/31
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  • They got Angela looking like she knit.

  • Yall keep talking about Charlemagne’s therapy talk but Envy’s beard needs to talk to somebody. Shit got issues.

  • Why didn’t they prep him for interviews

  • Man why this dude look like a young Robert Townsend? I'm talmbout 5 Heartbeats Robert Townsend! :)

  • He ain’t say all that right u can get out with an honorable getting kicked out if for medical reasons or sometime depending on your unit if u can’t pass a pt test there’s also dishonorable and general discharges

  • This how all the young hot stars start out after they sign their soul away. Capital records will chew him up and spit him out when disobey orders.

  • Man this brother has encouraged me to reach out to the VA for counseling. I did 5 years in the army Iraq and Afghanistan back to back and believe me I didn't notice until now the underlying problem and I still don't but I appreciate this video very much

  • If Soldier boy and Durk had a baby... It would look like this guy!

  • i heard you laughing mooski

  • Just don’t sign to drake mooski please🙏

    • @Quavo Zack nice less hands the better

    • He's already signed to capitol so...

  • Mooski x Trip Lee song 🔥🔥🔥

  • So why no one asked him about him not showing love or credit to Cityboy j who created the dance on tiktok that put the song on

  • I like this brother inner-g and Track Star my favorite song right now! Salute to the God!

  • Can we get T-Pain or KingP aka Phillip Sololmon Stewart or the remix....850 to 305!

  • He kinda gives me Soulja Boy vibes as far as how he talks and I think Soulja is originally from Alabama as well. I wonder if they’re from the same area...🤔.

  • Funny thing is that they know Lecrae and not Trip Lee but Trip has been on Reach Records, Lecrae’s label, pretty much since the very beginning. A lot of people like myself and it seems Mooski as well loved Trip more than Crae lol even though they’re both dope. Go check out some Trip tracks if you like Lecrae, including Trip and Crae together and ESPECIALLY if it’s Trip, Crae AND Sho Baraka on a track. Catch up ASAP lol 🚶🏾🚶🏾🏃🏾🏃🏾🏃🏾💨💨💨💨💨💨💨

  • This the first time that I got irritated by him speaking up for mental health. Now he's acting like a "holier than thou" person. Like a christian tells someone that they're not saved...he gone tell this man he not healed. How you know? I hope he pulls back a little bit. Keep being an advocate for mental health, but stop pressuring and judging people's healing and mental state. Slow down and sit back.

  • Charlamane trying to help this man and people picking on therapy....grow up...its hard for us service members.

  • 🙏🏽😫🙌🏽

  • City boi helped you.

  • I feel like he’s ashamed his song blew because of a gay dude🤔

  • The way the song was written you can tell he is a talented song writer. I don't think this will be his last hit.

  • He really doesn’t want to acknowledge the tik tok creator who helped his song blow

    • @T ‘ and you apparently can’t grasp the meaning of reality💀 stay ruled by your emotions see how far you get in life.

    • @T ‘ what are you trying to say? That black men oppressing who? A gay dude? What? Keep what energy with women? Lol you’re goofy like who are you? Men need to get it together? You don’t make six figures and most likely work retail while mooski is a talented young man who served in the military and now has a blossoming musical career. What do you do? What’s your credentials?

    • He could be a dick and copyright and sue em

    • And he has to because?

    • @Your Majesty well MEN need to get it together. regardless of what “reality” is, it doesn’t make it okay. the oppressed being oppressors and it’s always a black man. keep this same energy when it’s a similar situation with women.

  • This interview the best thing that could’ve happened to me rn. I respect u mooski

  • I love his new song. 😛😂❤️😘

  • Army is gay

  • He got on cuz the dude did that dance on TikTok. Hope he not a one hit wonder.

  • 29:30 Jokes ahaha

  • Nothing wrong with therapy. CTG need to chill tho.. PLEASE

  • IM UP Next You Feel me ... #BlessMOOSKI 🗣🙏🏿

  • He’s a real life hero 🔥🇺🇸🔥

  • Charlamagne said the "tilitator$ lol

  • Reminds me of Soulja boy

  • I get what Charlamange is doing but it does seems very pushy .. comes off as very you need to go to church , you need to be in church

  • Man cmon how tf you not know who trip Lee is?

  • I just came here for the “trip Lee jr” part

  • I was in a dark place once upon a time in my life never went to therapy I helped myself & now I thank God I’m better than ever

  • He a bum next case.

  • Key word is “we” dropped it .. so he had a team

  • I'm here to hear him talk about being a gospel rapper

  • Trip lee 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Wassup with the beeps?

  • Dope to hear Trip Lee’s name get thrown out there, has great body’s of work fr

  • Wait did he say “Trip Lee Jr” yooooo

  • Mooski look like Soulja boy

  • Is it safe to say therapist also deal with depression or stress who they go see?

  • TikTok is the golden bridge between underground and mainstream.

  • 4:21 that’s how rumors get started 🤣

  • NAH BRO THE SONG IS ONLY FAMOUS BECAUSE OF THE DUDE ON TIKTOK...I’m tired of artist trying not to give people they credit

  • When I first heard the song I swear it was Pnb Rock... Good song

  • Team dd214!!

  • I love his story it’s definitely refreshing to hear something different other then all these gangsta rappers with the same story

  • I can't imagine having to think about paying to go to the doctor....Love being Canadian for that reason

  • This my song !!!!

  • His has a lot of bruhs

  • Why he ain’t give that man the credit for making the dance challenge

  • Besides for Jay Z, this is the first time I’ve Charlemagne give an artist this much of his approval

  • Man get angly off her scary ass stay at home weird asl

  • 27:30 bro might actually need therapy

  • 26:53 CTG with therapy‼️😆

  • 22:45 CTG Ask about the women, then say you don’t have to tell us lol

  • This was a very positive interview. I how this young man grows and becomes better and not succumb to all the evil of the hollywood lifestyle

  • Music is really therapy and healing. No Cap!!

  • Track star blew up bc cityboy J on TikTok if we’re being honest.

  • Charla hates it when people don’t wanna go to therapy 😭

  • Don't care about his life story..Just keep making that 🔥 music 🎶 bro..Stay Black n keep it pushing 💯 💪🏿

  • Charlemagne get on my nerves!! how are you going to ask this young man how is he going to put a song out about healing? Clearly he's been through some things there is no age limit to life experiences!!!

  • He sound like soulja boy when he talk.

  • “Stand down Soulja” charlemagne a character lol 😂

  • I like him, humble dude. Needs some media training tho, didn’t really get a feel of his personality. A lot of this is happening so fast I’m sure. Wish him the best

  • breakfast club support sleeping around, knowing aids and other sexual transmitted diseases running rapidly in black community, people who started singing in the church dont need to join secular music because you loose your focus on GOD. Look at Beyonce and others! case close

  • Like the song. But his posture is all over the place. 12yearsofservicehere

  • He looks like a Young Michael Jackson! ✨

  • Charlemagne must get a percentage to convince guest to go to therapy 😂😂

  • I like Mooski! Semper Fi hopefully he’ll go back to his roots of Christian hip hop.

  • Tiktok def blew the song up! A lot of artist should be happy TikTok is alive

    • @NAZ its good for the artists

    • TikTok is dumb ash

  • Stand down soldier 😂😂😂

  • Great question Envy about the Vets!

  • 👀❤❤❤his. Trask. Star. And his very. Hand some

  • He dated a Gemini for sure I’m dealin wit it rn doe

  • This was a good interview for this to be his first ❤️

  • speaking FACTS

  • Why the he’ll every interview have that windows computer sound 😂😂

  • I though track star was a pnb rock song lol

  • Don't push him to therapy. It must be his own choice. I just feel he was pushing him. All people deal with trauma and grief differently.

  • Envy beard really look crazy 🤣😭🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Mooski is a real humble Dude Man , another great inter view from the Breakfast Club 🔥🔥

  • God bless him and his music carrer 🙌

  • My ex husband was in the marines and it was hell he now has ptsd bipolar schizophrenia like it drive him crazy I salute you tho sir

  • Charlamagne letting the devil use him🙃🤦🏽‍♀️

  • People getting mad at CTG however due to his advocacy towards Therapy and self healing helped create a comfortable platform for the artist to tell us so much about himself. Also he is identifying a person who can be gabbled and spit out since he legit lost his close family member!!

  • Do what post malone did...he ignored all the critics and hate and just did whatever he wanted to...whatever he liked and now he's one of the biggest artist in the world.....he didn't let them put him in a you shouldn't what you love however it feels good and I believe your future will be legendary

  • If mooski say “UM” one more time

  • I disagree with Charlemagne in this interview. I want him to stop pressing a therapist on him.

  • The way he talks reminds me of Master P.

  • I thought this nigga was from Miami...he gotta Miami sound but salute to bro

  • once you came to the conclusion she a track star ..thats when you know she not for you ..

  • 24:20 💯

  • Duck momma danced to the song on her IG how I found out.. I thought he was from Chicago. I started telling ppl bout the song & next thing I know he's on breakfast club

  • This young man is Solid, he is gonna go really far!