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Portugal is a country of beaches and high mountains, but also of deep, verdant valleys and rolling hills dotted with stone-built villages.
In this video you will be able to explore the wild nature of Portugal in 4K resolution. Different locations across the country, both in summer and wintertime.
You will view picture-perfect landscapes on this 2 hour video accompanied with relaxing music. Watch this video to be transported to one of the most beautiful parts of the earth.
⌚ Highlights
00:02:41 - Serra da Estrela Natural Park
00:06:50 - Algarve
00:14:28 - Sintra coastline
00:21:12 - Douro valley
00:28:40 - Peneda Geres National Park
00:40:05 - Praia da Ursa beach
00:47:54 - Lighthouse near City of Nazar
00:51:11 - Alhões Village
00:54:06 - Praia da Pedra da Bica beach
01:01:02 - The Berlengas archipelago
01:14:37 - Terraced vineyards of the Douro valley
01:21:39 - Peniche beach
01:30:08 - Convento de Nossa Senhora da Arrábida
01:32:58 - Flock of white storks
01:44:26 - Parque Natural da Arrábida
01:47:39 - Mysterious forest of Buçaco
01:57:25 - Praia da Adraga beach
📷 Portugal photos
🎵 Music by Kirk Monteux
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  • Most underrated country in the world. PURE bliss and paisagistic diversity. Lisbon, Porto, Beja, Aveiro, Coimbra, Braga, Sintra are such incredible and unique cities!

  • Amazing visuals and the music! A beautiful upload. See you in your next video😊

  • My country!! So beautiful. This is amazing. You deserve 1 million subscribers!!

  • Kann mir irgendjemand bitte sagen, was das für ein traumhafter Ort bei Minute 19:00 ist ?

  • Portugal is such an underrated country, I really hope I can visit or even live there after the pandemic! :)


  • Great job! Thank you!

  • Really beautiful nature...Have the great day...Best wishes from Phuket, Thailand....

  • The very pleasant music adds extra charm to these amazing places seen from a bird view. I wish I was a bird!

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  • Wonderful job! I am Brazilian, with my ancestors from Portugal.

    • Olá, Livre Pensador! Nesse caso só pode ser uma pessoa mais interessante porque a diversidade enriquece-nos. Assuma sempre as suas origens com orgulho. Um abraço de Portugal!

  • Great Video superb Drone work would have liked the names of the places. Clearly a lot of time and patience to make this Video Well done. Paul Richards Pro Photographer Soon to be living in the Algarve 2021

    • Paul, you must be a clever man with good taste! Take into account that what you see or experience in the Algarve can be quite different from the other regions. Come and visit the Port Wine region, the Douro region, and go up the river till the border with Spain, if you are fond of nature and unique landscapes or go to the Alentejo region in spring and photograph the plains, the houses, the food and the people...

    • Thanks for the kind words Paul. I added a couple of names of places in the description with timestamps.

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  • It was missing Madeira and Azores islands...

    • And Madeira and the Azores are so beautiful!

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    • Hi Vitor, I created separate videos about both Madeira and the Azores. I will launch both videos within a couple of weeks.

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    • Hello, Peri! Thanks! Italy is also a very interesting country.

  • Where is this beach at 0.43.12?

    • @Isabel Saraiva Yes I do a lot of research on Portugal, my favourite Coastline is the Silver Coast, North of Nazare, wow, Vale Do Furado, oh my word!

    • There are lots of beaches in Portugal. The coast is huge. It goes from the north to the south where the Portuguese and Spanish borders meet. The coast is great for all kinds of surfers (from elementary to extreme surfers). For extreme surfers, Nazaré is breathtaking. Viana do Castelo, in the north, offers great beaches for those who love windsurf and kitesurf.

    • It is not Praia da Ursa. It's Cabo Mondego (Mondego's Cape) and Murtinheira's Beach:

    • @João Nunes Thank you so much:)

    • I belive it is called Praia da Ursa, near Sintra. But I must warn you :P The water must be freezing cold, since that is the Atlantic Ocean... :) But check out another one called Praia do Amado...

  • You need to but there region or the places where you take this video to

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  • Beautiful country, beautiful video. And awful sky with chemtrails at 23'53''. The result of deliberate spraying of toxic, poisonous materials. Do your own research : look up Geoengineering, Solar Radiation Management (SRM), Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI). Watch "Frankenskies" Look up! Wake up!

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