My Girlfriend's Best Friend | Anwar Jibawi

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  • This sadly actually happens a lot, I've had multiple toxic people I thought were my best friends try to ruin relationships. But you live and you learn.

  • I perfer that blondie than that brunette

  • Simp always meet new much better girls

  • Simp

  • Best video ever

  • He always ends it with a twist haha

  • Deserve better 😜, who wanna try it😎

  • Trust no one

  • I love all your work! ☺️

  • Gf: SHUT UP! Anwar: I know right 😅 lmao

  • the chain reaction still continue..

  • The twist was so unexpected.

  • Name of the girls?

  • What's her best friend's name? 🙃

  • You deserve better😊

  • girlfriend's friend- khud k rishtey k L**## lage hote hain, apni dost k bhi lga dete hain!!!!!

  • who is this girl? she's beautiful..

  • katy sharp?

  • Omg that exists !!!!!!! That’s scary

  • What is the name of second girl other than amanda

  • Sad reality 🙏 Betty off alone than having friends like her 😂

  • hi

  • Truth

  • Capital G for God please

  • Girls be like this

  • He is addressing facts 💯👏

  • Hi

  • Some best friend 🙄

  • You deserve better lol 😂

  • lol

  • Amanda dersevers a better friend

  • Where lot of men go wrong How not to treat your GF/Crush

  • And the chain continues....

  • Hey girls, hold on , is this true, did you do that, not you but do you think some girls do these things ????????????

  • Why does thet always happen, man it always happen wth man, 3 times dude wtf I hate those kinds of ppl

  • The moral of the story don't take the suggestion of your personal life, especially those who don't live with you 24 hours.

  • Lol

  • This will go on and on

  • There really are “friends” like this though...

  • Honestly this is actually accurate 🤣

  • i dont kmow what to say to girls

  • Better or not I just want someone in my life 🙂

  • Who is that gorgeous and bamboozling lady? Blue eyed

    • Madeleine Byrne

  • Bro the same exact thing happened with me 😂.

  • Women will be women.

  • Girls nature in a nutshell

  • Awesome!!!!! Very funny your are really creative

  • This is the same exact way I broke up with my girl

  • I knew the ending from the thumbnail , am i just smart or out this world ? 😎

  • What's the name of this toxic girl who advises to His GF .. please any one tell me her name .

  • you should witch it up and do boyfriends bestie

  • I swear it’s really like this!! 😒 most people you call “friends” are jealous of your happiness and that you have someone.......

  • ❤️❤️

  • 😂😂❤️❤️

  • Fun fact :- your girlfriend's best friend will either be beautiful girl or a handsome boy 🤣

  • 2 pretty best friends??

  • Girls' best friends: you deserve better Boys' best Friends: You must have paid her, you look Like Pavarotti

  • Is that Madeleine byrnee?

  • the best friend looks like Fallon Carrington in Dynasty

  • Is it true?girls do like that?haha

  • I knew that was gonna happen that's why I mainly got dude friends as a girl 😂

  • the friend was manipulative

  • And folks this is a example of a jealous girl best friend 😃☝🏽

  • One more reason to be afraid of women 😂🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  • These type of fukin friend spoils relationship....

  • شكد تخبل هاي خرب رب الكواد

  • That girl is in a pureflix movie

  • Last

  • 😆😆😆,,,,,👍👍👍👍👍!!!!!!

  • Expected!

  • Bro this is Every single Girls best friend.

  • This is why good boys are gone

  • Ray Mak's criteria for commenting on a video -: 1: Video must be entertaining and; 2: Popular and; 3: A Video. 😂

  • I knew it gonna happen 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Girls learns fast



  • ahhaha

  • انوووور

  • Some people just doesn’t understand other people’s true intention

  • This isn’t even comedy. This is a tutorial on what sort of people are out there.

  • Wats the friend's name?

  • Women

  • She’s gonna act in the movie ‘Switched’!! Can’t wait!

  • go Hell best friend

  • 0:12 wow

  • Sad reality

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  • يا كثر المرضى الله يفكنا من شرهم

  • This is how girls played to boys 🤣🤣

  • Why is that actually best friends tho

  • You resemble Priyanka

  • What’s the name of the toxic friend ?

  • True story

  • Didn't that girl ckme I that movie that two people switch bodies right 🤔

  • Ahahahahahahah jokin

  • U beans

  • Fuckin eggs

  • U eggs

  • Shush