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Beautiful and Powerful visualization!
This is a Special Edition to boost your visualizations up to the Billionaire lifestyle!
Imagination, faith, strong desire, these are all components that will open the door to a rich and an abundant life!
We are all connected through the infinite intelligence!
Watch with intention and believe strongly that everything you desire will happen for you!
If you do this with genuine intention and you work for creating what you want, the universe will give you what you Want
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  • Who are the models shown??


  • thank me future self,because i made you a Billionaire

  • Благодарю, да будет так !!!

  • Короче я понял, я самый неприлично богатый Наследник Мира .

  • 👍👍👍

  • Coloquem meu código Kwai309989266

  • Thank you!

  • Pilipinas phillipines

  • Hello ! where is a localisation to thé house at 0,24 and 4 minutes please ?

  • where do you get the opening song😭😭😭👌👌👌🔥🔥🔥

    • The ride by Steve pad. Have a great day.

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  • Beautiful! Thank you so much. 👍👍👍

  • 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎💥💥💥💥💥

  • I am so very grateful for my abundant lifestyle 😩❤️

  • Pamela Oliveira Itapema! Boa noite! Luxo! Seja bem vindo a Santa Catarina! Seja bem vindo a Itapema! 047-99621-6355!

  • Life is what you manifest not what your going thru now💯

  • who is from November?

  • What a lifestyle I wish 🥺

  • I am coming from Morocco ✌️✌️✍️✍️

  • Great video, I'm new to the AR-one industry. I shoot a video on a similar topic. I will be glad to any assessment)

  • He cambiado, ya tengo mi moto de carreras y es sólo el comienzo, wealthy style rules!

  • ar-one.info/down/rJqpn9V6aMjayMQ/fydyw.html

  • I AM A Self-Made Billionaire

  • Can we do one with some gangster music instead lmao

  • 🤩

  • Cool done, I want to learn as well

  • Targeting males not humanity.

  • I am coming

  • This was so inspiring and beautiful God Bless us all amen 🙏❤️☺️

  • Hope. We. Do. Business. Soon.....

  • 13:40 music please.?

  • Nice❤️ Please, what the name of music then start at 16:00 minutes

    • Sorry I don't know. Can you please name the name of the first music. PLEASE

  • What an enormous waist of money

  • 49:07 What's the name of the song?

  • I love ships.

  • Love

  • Woooww..,ouch awesome amazing..,when can I dream of owning house ,car ,boat n plane exclusive elegan very very beauty like that...

  • 🌹✌

  • Terrible music ... needs to be something calm and jazzy

  • Movie when you move

  • Watching

  • Palm Tree

  • Yes sir must stay focus thank you for redirection me back to where I’m need to be focus on

  • Rolex watch Alligator shoes

  • Was that a Theatre room where all of us can look at movies love it as well

  • We would have to have a lady’s night as well over to the house and enjoy each other company

  • I would pick up my friend to and drive around the city and let her drive us around as well

  • Alligator shoes

  • Sweet remotes windows and door

  • Luxury cars

  • That the king of God we serve he owe everything like the cattle on the hill

  • God can change a situation from of a snap of a finger from zero to a hero

  • The sunset

  • I love the way you handle her with care and priority and the way you hold her hand and pull her chair out breathe take now that what I call a real man

  • Jacques car

  • Digital speed on car

  • Everyone is happy enjoy each other the right way it supposed to be

  • Celebrating with family

  • The food is beautiful

  • Thank for sharing the good life style sir Joyce

  • I will stay humble and Low is the way

  • Smiling eyes watching taking it all in

  • Hey little ones

  • I see the Yacht

  • God is the head of everything and center and all around that how we become wining and champions and eagle when God is first we must spend time with him before doing anything

  • That mean to use for what I have inside of me that mean what within I already have just have to relax and let everything flow

  • We do sometime have to take change and I love a challenge I don’t like anything east I like to work for it and I love a tasks Joyce because I have to put in the works

  • No force just let thing fall into place and enjoy each other communication and company Joyce

  • I don’t want you to thing you have to change to be with me do it for yourself and God will do the work on us as we grow together ok Joyce

  • Beautiful

  • I see the pools and all the toys that mean cars air plane

  • You can impress me by being yourself just relax haveing fun together and with family and friends Joyce

  • But all that is beautiful but just as long I have the man that God has for me that all I need is his time mean more than the material things he will be worthy it all he is the prize Joyce

  • A big walking in closet mostly definitely

  • A spar on deck wow personal pretty cool

  • I like the view of the city tall buildings

  • I am a billionaire

  • Rolex watch with the diamonds 💎

  • Wake ing up to the waters on the balcony

  • Rise high and above live life like a queen and kings

  • It’s timing to fly high

  • A raise to the top girl get up and go get it

  • About a car tare Better

  • Diamonds ears ring

  • Find wine

  • Waterfall is beautiful

  • Looking over the sea

  • Your pure love is so much to me it’s worth more Obey and material thing

  • Just as king we love God amd each other we will Always win and be champions

  • We always have to pray before we we leave our house and pray over the food as well and when we come ing back into our house

  • It’s the about the finest thing it’s all about God because with him He makes everything possible

  • But remember it’s that God give us the finest in life but we must not for get another God tho

  • God is good all the entire

  • I love the purse and the shoes match set

  • Remote on you phone is fire to turn everything on

  • You and that watch I laugh When You look at the watch again

  • That so true i totally agree

  • The bar break room dine room Living room Den room

  • Remote control blinds that preset cool never ever seen and thing like that wow