I Bought The Fake iPhone 11 Pro.... #Shorts

تم نشره في 2021/03/25
He came back with the fake iPhone 11, so I bought it.
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  • Software tests : ar-one.info/down/mqKUd9yJddKyndg/fydyw.html

    • Play around with it’s software, I’m almost certain that its fake

    • yes

    • @Steve Sam what do you think Sike nah but yes that’s what I meant

    • ar-one.info/down/mqKUd9yJddKyndg/fydyw.html

    • @Luxid Dreamz551 you mean phone?

  • I want this

  • What are the light panels on the wall?

  • Software test

  • Dude got ripped off with a rip off phone? 💀damn

  • do both

  • Ayo dont let apple see this

  • Wish duh omg 🤣🤣

  • I think honestly you should do both because that would honestly be a very good way to I think see what else is wrong with it

  • the back "glass"

  • "Guess where i found it? Wish!" *Aight, imma head out*

  • i actually wonder how those fake iphones are made

  • That is a replicate off iphone in indonesia we call it HDC is more cheaper than the real iphone

  • Play with the software

  • RIP IT APART. :)

  • Tear it down

  • Send it to me please even if it's fake

  • Bro wtf you sound exactly like Jerryrigeverything

  • Set it on fire

  • 100 dollars more than it cost? Where the fuck you finding a new 11 pro for 200$? Bull shit bro lol

  • Fix it and give it back for FREE

  • Guy buys fake iPhone 11 gets ripped off 😂

  • who the fuck actually thinks the 11 opens from the back i

  • Play with software then tear it down

  • Play around with the software

  • 😱😱😻😍

  • Play around with the softeare please!! 😂

  • You should tear it more


  • it literally doesn't even have the apple logo on it

  • Software

  • Burn the phone and recycle its remains🌱

  • Play around with the software

  • I wish if I get that fake phone maybe it's better then my phone 😖

  • Fix it

  • wait. i could have been scamming people with fake iphones this whole time?!

  • How can I send the damaged iPad/tablet to you?

  • Play around with the software

  • Do you have any iphone for sale

  • Software

  • I wanna see the whole video

  • Play around

  • I’m sorry I forgot this is from that old man that bought it right

  • Destroy it

  • Check if there's any samsung component inside

  • Play with the software

  • Rip the whole thing apart

  • Play with software

  • I'd actually like to see phones bought off Wish and their internals. Phones claiming they're way ahead of the current era and all that.

  • I think you should wait on with the software

  • Play with the software

  • both do both

  • Why am i not supprised its fake? Cmon wish

  • 😯😯😯😯

  • Pls repair Samsung Galaxy S8

  • i have one too.. the seller was sell to me when i out from the atm machine place

  • Both Both is good

  • Tare it upart

  • Its easy to know if a iPhone is real or fake

  • Its an iPhone 4

  • Tutorial: How To Waste Money

  • Software

  • Maybe the only thing fake is the box lol

  • Software checks pls

  • Play around with the software and make it the best fastest most usable fake iPhone possible. Maybe even go back to stock android if that improves performance

  • Turn it into a real one

  • 300$? I bought my pro max for 700$ HUH?????

  • How many times will I have to say I’m glad you have this job

  • Tear it down and do a comparison of what is true to a real one and what components are fake!!! Please

  • Play around with the software.

  • Play around with software pls

  • Software

  • Please destroy that iPhone

  • Nice

  • Play around with the software. Let's see how it works

  • Can you make your own iPhone?

  • Convert it into an actual iPhone 11

  • Can u buy a fake iPhone and then customise it to the point that it looks like a real iPhone?

  • Software

  • U should keep it and not wreck it and get it to charge then play around with the phone

  • BURN IT!!!

  • Pls give that phone life

  • Or you can do both 😁

  • Try putting ios on it

  • Mine from it

  • I never imagined those fake iPhones were such pieces of shit on the inside. I figured they just stuffed some budget guts into a frame that looks like an iPhone. No, they literally hacked that piece of shit together. I can solder better than that by a long shot.

  • So both

  • Jesus Christ loves you soooo much

  • Play with the software

  • How to see if the phone is real: Put 1 million tnt in minecraft then say bye bye


  • This guy speaks with the same cadence as JerryRigEverything!

  • Play with software

  • You open it it’s not new look to screen


  • College photo

  • No you don’t have to go to the store to get the money 💵

  • Software

  • lol guess what, on wish i found a phone called Phone i 12

  • Play around with the software