SB19 'What?' Official MV

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#SB19WhatMVOutNow #SB19What
Produced by ShowBT Philippines and SB19
Executive Producer: Charles Kim
Co-Executive Producer: J Pinto
Creative Director: Justin de Dios (SB19)
Producer: Rose Ariane Pearl P. Lope
Production Manager: Dana Jane Gelilang
Production Coordinator: Kimberly Joy Eneria
Content Production: Darien Sean Fuentes, Jvee Christian Alcayaga, Kath Ramirez
Content Marketing: Kimberly Joy Eneria, Anna Dollosa, JM Racadio, Chrysta Montesa
Artist Management: Don Delos Santos
Choreographer: Stell Ajero (SB19), Tank Bautista
Music Credits:
Written by: John Paulo Nase (SB19)
Produced by: Simon Servida, John Paulo Nase (SB19), Joshua Daniel Nase, Jay Durias
Mixed by: Hyun Jeong Ko (Koko Sound Studio Korea)
Mastered by: Leon Zervos
Guitar: Janno Queyquep
Photos and Videos by CHAPTERS PH
Producer: Bea Charlyn Laino
Cinematographer: John Karlo Calingao
Video Editor: Alan Ante Jr.
Photographer: Jamie Anne Lihan
Lighting Director and Graphics Animator: Jay-Ar Villarojas
Production Manager: Charlene Cabayao
Graphic Artist and Photo Colorist: Louis Anthony Duran
Video Colorist: Adrielle Esteban
Drone Operator: Jeffrey Oabel
Executive Producer, Chapters: Andromeda Tan
Lights: Cinefilm Studios Inc.
Ar-ar Arcero
Peregrino Tadem
Production Assistants:
Jeffrey Paver
Emmanuel Basco
Amado Brillante
Jay Panti
Glambot: Robotic Activations Philippines
Security & Safety Officer: Virgilio Subido Jr.
Safety Officer Assist: Ma. Carmela C. Lamoste, RN
Production Designer:
Aisne Bucsit
Aisa Sta. Maria
Art director:
Bench Cruz
Edmar Laurenciano
Ronald Cruz
Melvin Mendoza
Chamber Francia
Francisco Gonzales
Glenn Tabujara
Location Manager:
Maia Arellano
Head Stylist: Mark Ranque
Assistant Stylists:
James Carlo de Vera
Micho Rom Dacasin
Carl Angelo Cahutay
Hair Stylist: MJ Rone
Make Up Artist: Donald Lapez
Special thanks to:
Sony Music Philippines
Roslyn Pineda
Maan Atienza
Mina Ignacio, M. Ignacio Warehouse
Sherwin Laiño Custodio
Kiel BR
JR Garcia
JM Alamar
BL Nacional
S Padilla
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Instagram: officialsb19
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    • @Ken Suson super agree! Minsan need nten magsolo to find ourselves again pra makapag interact ule sa iba.

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    • Thank you atiny also str34ming ateez kingdom stages full versions of wave overture and their latest wonderland.

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