11 New Affordable Midsize Sedan Cars Upcoming Refresh For 2019-2020

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While manufacturers work for a piece of the growing SUV market, many well-known midsize cars continue to offer a lot of features for the money. Most of the 11 models on this list are very familiar to shoppers since they’ve been around for years. & many have seen recent upgrades that brought advanced safety and infotainment technologies to these well-known names.
So without any further ado, let's check em out :
10 : 2019 Toyota Camry
9 : 2019 Honda Clarity
8 : 2019 Nissan Altima
7 : 2019 Volkswagen Passat
6 : 2019 Hyundai Sonata
5 : 2019 Kia Optima
4 : 2019 Chevrolet Malibu
3 : 2019 Honda accord
2 : 2019 Subaru Legacy
1 : 2019 Mazda Mazda6


  • Legacy, Passat and mazda.

  • Do not buy a hyundai. Worst engines. I am stuck with a Sonata right now. Mechanical disaster, AC repairs, axle replaced multiple times and engine seized while running on hwy. DO NOT BUY A HYUNDAI!

  • Honda Accord at number 8? It should be on number 2 right after the Camry

  • honestly i likeNissan Sentra more than altima

  • Who does a top ten video and counts down lmao

  • The Altima? You think the Altima is a decent car? Good, You can HAVE mine. Toyotas r king

  • All cars are “good cars” 😂😂. Dude just get a Camry or an Accord or Kia/Hyundai. And RUN AWAY from the rest.

  • the honda accord appeals to me in many ways even though the toyota is quite practical.

  • Until you go to the dealership/ Stealership

  • I just want to know which one rides better. I could care less about efficiency... I want cheap comfort

  • The list of cars shows the Toyota Camry as #10 and the Mazda 6 #1, but the narration names the Toyota as #1, the Mazda 6 #9 and the Subaru #10. So which list is correct?

  • Got my license today 😂 Am here already searching for cars

    • Same bro😂😂

    • Eye Of Nelms I’m talking about the 2016 model

    • @Hamza Mohamed Isn't that the BMW everyone dislikes, or am I thinking of an earlier model?

    • Get a bmw 720li 2016 it’s only 14k on carmax

    • I am doing the same thing 😂

  • You forgot to review the Volvo S 60!

  • Either the Camry or the Accord all day long and twice on Sunday!!!

  • Vw passat the best

  • For me the Malibu has the most class and it has a nice line. A car for the smart buyer. Then comes the Mazda but it is costly.

    • @EC Mane do you believe in EV's? I don't. Americans need an engine under their ass. I can't see working people use electric cars and trucks. It is dangerous, everybody knows that. Ev's is good for city people. The thing is that once an electric motor fails you never gonna expect what comes next. It could flip into overdrive. Very dangerous. So not a work tool. Spread the news mister. Thank you.

    • We can't buy GM in Europe and Opel design deviates too much from American design. By leaving our market GM made a mistake. We need American design in normal cars. GM pricesetting always has been good. Ford is too costly. Now ordinary buyers have been left all chance to downgrade to KIA, Dacia and Renault and Peugeot. Ev's are also too costly for us. I like that baby cherokee jeep maks for Brasil. Tell them to move. Thank you and enjoy your limousine!

    • De Cnijf Kris same for me too I just got the 19 Malibu LT its pretty dope

  • I’m 13 and can’t wait till I can get behind the wheel

  • Sorry he said the sonata is not great fast mileage? That's a lie from experience! Those cars are great on gas

  • What about ford mid size sedans.

  • Sonata all the way !

  • 90 percent of this list is lemon cars that have problems like crazy Altima I'm talking you buddy

  • The Optima and the Accord are the only 2 worth wild...

  • Only accord

  • Hyundai Sonata and Kia Optima are Full Changed. I will get Kia Optima in 2020. Check it out.

    • @4x6 24 My friend only buy kia cars and each one lasted her up to 500k miles so there you go all on original engine

    • Is KIA a good brand cars? I heard the car’s engine goes down in after 4-5 years. I like the interior of KIA but

    • I got the Forte just because if that’s what I can afford. My goodness Kia has stepped up so much. I got the 2020 Kia Forte GT Line and it’s amazing . The optima I test drove was so smooth and clean. That turning and steering tho..... legit blow the Generic Hyundai and Cheap Toyota’s out of the water

    • Really do like the Optima.. not coming to our country :-( only SUVs and wagons... It's such a joke.

  • The accord blows every other car out of the water

  • 2020 Toyota Camry will once again have AWD mid-summer 2020 release is expected!

  • midsize really means small car in todays world

  • Mazda 6

  • altima thebest of japancar

  • Acura ILX, naturally aspirated and available in A-spec now

    • It needs a manual option like the accords!

  • Guys pls tell skoda is good to buy

    • Yes. Is one of the best car/money. I live in Romania, there 1/4 is skoda. They are pretty reliable, and cheap to run. Personally, I dont like them at all because they lack personality, but they are great cars overall.

  • Ford. Audi. Chevy. And Nissan.

  • the top four are toyota and honda kia also mazda6

  • toyota camery has a cheap looking interior and not to go of back seats

  • This guy doesn't know much about Sedans, other than they look pretty and have four wheels. The Camry 8 Speed Transmission is junk, should have kept the 6 speed, Toyota will regret their change once they have to recall thousands of them

  • Where is the Ford Fusion and Chevy Impala ?

    • Chevy impala is a full size car, the chevy malibu is the midsize

    • They are crap

    • Nations rise and fall. So do Car companies. It's a new era.

    • in a trash can!

    • @Thunder Jenkins obviously.

  • Head Room is Very important. Big console is tacky.

  • For the price, the 2020 Toyota Camry TRD is the best

  • I hate CVT transmission

    • I drove a Nissan Rogue as a rental. The CVT was APPALLING!!! Felt like I was driving a rubber band. If you need torque from standing stop to get into traffic, you're in for trouble. It takes this POS 1-2 seconds to respond. NEVER CVT!

    • The Nissan is crap but Toyota makes a decent one

  • Honda and ww are beautiful cars