Taylor Swift - Live at the 2019 American Music Awards

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Taylor Swift performs at the 2019 American Music Awards (November 24th, 2019)
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  • I really LOVE her❤️❤️

  • This is my go-to video whenever I’m feeling down. It just captures her essence.

  • the kids are so lucky

  • taylor swift is my home and her music is my anthem

  • legend

  • 3:35 the best part

  • I feel like Mums in the late 2020s and the early 2030s will be playing shake it off in the house and there kids be like it’s cheesy and we all just boppin’ to it 😅

  • so Taylor showed FEARLESS in the :40 like she's saying it's the first album she'll re-record then performed Love Story afterwards. Love Story was the first song Taylor released as Taylor's Version then performed Red afterwards. What if Red was the next album will re-record and not 1989? this is just my theory idk if it was an easter egg and sorry for my English it's not my first language hehe

  • crazy that she literally sang Love Story after The Man and wearing a jacket that just said Fearless on the back and I was still surprised when she released Love Story as her very first rerecorded single and Fearless as her first album lmao

  • taylor is such a gemmmm.

  • No me canso de ver este performance ❤

  • 1


  • Taylor: shows her back with the word "fearless" The next song: love story Smart 😎👍

  • Im not crying you are 😒

  • she just skept reputation so hard XD

  • respect others suffers

  • just easy

  • She sounds as great live as on the radio, her cheeky songs make everyone smile its great the attention she gives to her younger fans

  • came here for camila,fall in love with Taylor,Ashley and Camila.

  • Soo at the beginning she basically told us that fearless was going to be the first re-record, the cover would be golden (hence the outfit) and that the first single would be love story? Does this mean that the single for red (Taylor’s version) will be I knew you were trouble and the first single for 1989 (Taylor’s version) will be blank space followed by shake it off??

  • This is what I Knew You Were Trouble would have sounded like if it was on Reputation

  • solo imagina la suerte de haber estado ahí

  • Imagine from SHAKE IT OFF to LOVER?

  • When does oboma let his children read 50 shades of grey Hey hey Tay tay Im sticking to my guns I love ME too

  • Just talk to my shrink Im an open book Page 96

  • I just want to see camila in this videos🤩

  • That’s the time when Taylor hinted she’s gonna re-record all her albums!!!!!!!!>>>>>>>>


  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • BEST Performance Ever

  • The kids were so lucky. Huhu

  • Lame

  • Wow her armpit is white

  • The most emotional/exciting/EVERYTHING concert

  • 8:26 we all know who that kiss was for😂😏✨🙌🏼✨

  • this is amazing

  • What is the 3rd song that Taylor Swift sang

  • Red lipstick:✅

  • This is more like her own concert

  • nunca me imagine que estaria billi ellish

  • Она восхитительная, обожаю ее

  • lipsync.

  • 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Leave it to Taylor Swift to own the entire place once she steps onto the stage.

  • she is incredible

  • ❤️

  • Fourth time watching it and it is still not old.

  • this was not a performance this was a concert

  • I still get goosebumps

  • 4:24 why did nobody mention this guy's perfect moves

    • I'm pretty sure that's Fik-Shun. Look up his World of Dance routine.


  • Supportive Selena👑 Taylena the best friendship ever 😍

  • Where’s the representation for “speak now” and “reputation” hits?


  • The sign that taylor doing a 2021 version of fearless after she performed this

  • i love how taylor and selena support each other

  • does someone know who's the 3:23 woman? please

  • How can you manage to be so perfect performer? Tips please.

  • She save the award hehe

  • Wait why was it so wholesome with the kids in the beginning-


  • The *woman* The myth The legend. Absolute queen.

  • Vamos por esos 75 millones amigos míos!!

  • only Taylor can make the AMAs this wholesome

  • I hope she use this version of i knew you were trouble for the re recording i like this version so bad 😍😍😍😍

    • Me too..I like this version more especially that background tune...


    • @Silvia Pin I noticed too, 1989, then speak now, reputation but the red was right before fearless so who knows, but I can't wait for her to rerelease her debut album, I'm not ready.

    • I know!! Also have you noticed fearless on the piano next to 1989??? I swear I'm going crazy

  • I can't believe I'm only now realizing that the piano in Lover has her name and all of her album's name on it

  • selena and taylor's mom vibing is a _m o o d_

  • Can we just give her an award for how stable she was for the entire performance. Queen.

  • Yall, what if the order of the songs she played is the order she is going to release her re-recordings?! Red is next, get ready for all too well yaaaallll

  • Why did I know this too late? Oh my goodness! It’s unbelievable. Respect for you, Taylor. You deserve more than this. Love you.

  • It’s so cool to see how she is having fun but at the same time you can feel the power in her voice ❤️

  • Anyone else still listening in 2021?

  • Sad she didn't sang any song from rep

  • I love you so much!

  • She's absolutely amazing.

  • beautifull

  • It is so rude to have an award show between Taylor's concert. ..🙌🙌🔥🔥

  • Anyone here after boards cancellation newa

  • Hope see you someday taylor🥺👉👈

  • Taylor swift is the music Industry.

  • best live i have ever seen in my lifeeee

  • I lauvvvv you

  • Can we just take a moment to appreciate the dancers? That was absolutely stunning and sentimental

  • Does anyone know why she skipped over a Reputation hit song? Does she not like that era of herself? I would have loved to see Delicate in this performance.

  • Taylor literally broke through the glass ceiling.

  • i almost forgot to watch this today.. aah

  • Her parents singing along her song it's gold

  • taylor sweetie, i love you

  • Love the shake it off trio

  • So cool showing everyone of different ages singing to her songs

  • Her mum next to Selena 😍

  • If she sang songs from speak now and reputation on this it would be everything! Even tho it already is haha

  • She knows all her songs because she wrote them all

  • Everything this woman does is iconic I love herrrr

  • *proud swiftie twerking*

  • So no one's gonna talk about the amazing performance of the dancers!?!?

  • I love how Camila Cabello shakes it off...