Cyberpunk 2077 - Angry Review Extended Discussion

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Our Cyberpunk 2077 Extended Angry Review Discussion! We dive a bit deeper into the game as we discuss Story, DLC, cut bits from our Angry Review, and the conversation around the release of the game! Check it out!
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  • e different games pe path chosen he said 3 smh

  • You would be surprised how dissappointing is this Secret Final Mission you are so hyped about. Its least interesting of all Final missions and is just full of bullet sponges.

  • "V Dies in all endings" "No im wrong maybe its hinted that you can find a cure?" "What im getting at is V a good character?" Lol i dont see the correlation but ok

  • It's probably going to take 7 months for them to fix the crashing on ps4,, until somebody mentions something about the cache,, a lot of other Dev's have had this problem with their games, porting from PC. Forget what it's called,, a program that constantly runs in the background monitoring for errors and other things, but constantly saving information,,, the Ps4 can't handle the load like a PC. Hence the crashing

  • Anyone else gonna ignore the fact other Joe and Alex glitched out of reality for a split second!!!

  • The first bug I got I wasn't in the mirror when jackie walked up I thought I was a ghost or some shit...

  • You know after coming back to this video and reading the comments, I no longer feel EA, take 2 and all the companies that pack their games with micro transactions are nearly as evil as I thought. Seeing people in the comments saying things like”cut content is part of crunch, talking about content that was promised but wasn’t in the game isn’t criticism it’s petty who cares about cut content bugs are the only issue a game can have” and “well other companies do shitty things so CDPR deserves a pass and to get no flak for cyberpunk” and “I’ll still be buying expansions day one because I’m loyal to a company that doesn’t give a fuck about me or providing a product that’s worth full price or works on release” because of those idiots I honestly can’t blame companies for fucking gamers over, we can squeeze our customers for money, give them half the game we promised, have it not work on real as so bad it has to be taken off some platforms and they will still love us? Of course they are going to take the max money least effort route, and the gaming community is to blame at this point

  • Those tries to shift focus of cyberpunk problems to its bugs only if pathetic. This game has much deeper issues with its concept then just bugs. It is bad on much more levels.

  • Popular opinion: Cyberpunk 2077 was best game of 2020 and will be best of 2021 after patches and story dlcs. All in all it is one of the best games ever made.

    • Think your in the minority bud, and thank god for that or we’d be paying $1 every time we started a game lol

  • This came and left my mind faster than any "rpg" I've ever played.. Alex said it perfectly. Such a disappointment for all gamers (and I did have some fun with it)

  • 25:52 Joe, we talked about this...

  • Alternate Carbon is a OK SciFi TV show and Alita is a good Anime set in a Future and The 5th Element and Blade Runner where good movies and LBGTQ+ positive would be a plus cuz its 2021 ...i was hoping all that to be mixed together kinda in way if that makes sense... and maybe do some illegal shit like its real life shit but only act it in Game on the side in Cyberpunk ..but that would make the game rated R lol ....but Noooo they had to drop the ball .....CD project red is just a sad Disappointment

  • Cyberpunk 2077 so bad it makes VRchat look good😸 lol

  • Love ya guys keep rocking on 🤘💟💟💟💟💟💟😸

  • Has anyone gone back to it yet?

  • Jackie is so not better than keanu he had way too little time to make me care about him, if he had more time sure u could argue that but 100% the way both are implemented here keanu is better

    • Silvehand and Keanu and his writing was ass , Dry ass cliche character

  • Fuck multiplayer. Hard.

  • Just finished game, disappointed of the ending. This game is no where near completed but at the same time the story is lackluster. The first 6 hours seemed polished and fresh, then it dropped, there was some good parts. In total it is probably a 5 or 6 out of 10. Just make another Witcher game.

  • Deus Ex Human Revolution did cyberpunk way better, In a dirty grimy hopeless world that the cyberpunk genre exists in, this game is bullshit.

  • Still totally glad I refunded this mess of a game... xD

  • 28:58 you actually can pet that specific cat. I guess because you were crouching up and down it didn't show the prompt, but if you hit e on pc it will pet that cat I tested it.

  • I know how the multiplayer will be like: You can glitch in other peoples sessions

  • It still should have gotten a 0/10. You wrongfully accused this as a game instead of clearly being a work in progress- yet sonic free rider's was just as unplayable.

    • I was on a ps4 pro and i had only a few bugs but nothing game breaking so it wasn't the total unplayable mess that it's made out to be.

    • In what world is a fully-playable game (PC) a 0/10?

  • My only issue with the game is the River Ward arc is a bit underdeveloped.

  • I can’t believe all the criticism companies like telltale got for having laggy gameplay and loads of delays but when it comes to this game that’s barely functional you choose to gloss over it🤷🏾‍♀️

    • @Gavin Hart I never said it was finished. I never said it doesn't have bugs. I said it's functional, which is a fact. It functions, and yet some people will have you believe it hardly runs on a PC.

    • @Jim Jam no it doesn't, I have an above average rig and there was stupid bugs non stop that were just silly. The game is not even close to being finished.

    • It functions fine on PC? There are quite a few bugs (cars flipping in the middle of the street, overlapping dialogue, cars crashing into walls for no reason, quest glitches, etc.), but to call it 'barely functional' is quite a bit of a reach. Not to mention, did you even watch his actual review? He went into a full-on rant about the bugs. In fact, that was probably MOST of his review: ranting about bugs, glitches, missing features, and other disappointments. If anything, I thought he was initially a little too hard on the game and focused way too much on the negatives.

  • Just finished my first play through on pc, had a lot of bugs. I wanted this game to be "THE GAME" Now my heart just hurts. It's like I was away from my pet of 10 years just to hear it died a day before i made it home.

  • Dude this game is amazing and I'm glad to be finally be playing it but, it is clear it needed 3 more years of development or some shit

  • I miss being optimistic about games and this was the last straw it’s so annoying. I buy something I expect it to work not I buy it I must wait for fixes to fix the thing they promised later. What kinda shit is that.

  • Mentions all the problems and proceeds to give it a 7/10, really? You guys are way too forgiving except for Alex.

  • I'd jus spam heavy punches get them stunned dodge their attacks rinse and repeat thr boxing was super boring, but I beat it n got some eddies yay😀

  • The cars don’t handle that well. Look, GTA had many years of perfecting the physics of their cars. I’m sure Cyberpunk will get there as well.

    • @Octo pus Every game that follows the prvious game, gets tweaked and improved. I know, because I was a game designer artist from 1999- 2013....(until basically the last recession fucked my career, though I still freelance every year).

    • They arnt going to tweak major gameplay components like the driving or adding player choice consequences

  • What a shallow terrible game holy fuck what a waste of time

  • But i was able to pet cat nearby Vic's clinic

  • This game was rush and seems like it never made it past beta testing.

  • As someone that suffers depression in a major way.. no Joe.. just don't say that. You had disappointment, apathy or a case of the blues but not depression. The word has to be taken back because it is used so casually like this that people like me where it is ruining our lives are not taken seriously.

  • Cyberpunk was a solid 7 for me. -Exploring It looked beautifull, too bad you can only go around by either walking/driving a motorcycle or car or fast traveling, should also note that the driving is complete shit. it fels like you accelerate way to fast and kinda float above the road while doing your best tokyo drift impression in every corner usually throing you against nearby buildings. Furthermore, the map feels cluttered with random nonsense litlle "gigs" which are just a way to make a quick buck. go in>shoot guards> disable/kill/steal> drop off result. it wouldnt be so bad if you could call your broker for these gigs or stumble upon them, but haing them all marked just clutters your map and makes it feels like grinding busy work. -Rpg Its allright, just a shame that your build doesnt matter. you cant save somebody or change anything by being an expert hacker. it just boils down to opening the occasional door by either force, hacking or sneaking trough a vent. Furthermore it doesnt alter your story the dialoge isnt drasticly diffrent becuase you suddenly have knowledge about X and can talk about that. the paths are always the same no matter what build you chose. Weapon modifying is boiled down to stat improvements. changing clothes is here but if you always go stats>looks you basicly walk around like you were in a traumatic thrift shop accident. You pick based on how you want to fight, not based on how you interact with the world. -Combat think borderlands 3, now remove the fourth weapon slot. now reduce the amount of guns to 4 with 3 diffrent variations and remove your skills. now add a couple of melee weapons and a dodge that works by tapping your movement key. now cry. all jokes aside, its repetetive, gacking is basicly "give an opponent a remote shock" or blind them and sneak up on them. sneaking is OP becuase the enemy is retarded and you can basicly sprint past them if you got some points in it. It just lakcs any enagaement since the paths dont offer any cool abilitys beside some extra hacks withj you will almos never use. i went technical and intell and spent most of my time sneaking around, distracting and blinding guards to knock them out or shoot them up with tech weapons. Its boring becuase its repetetive and doesnt have much variation. Legendary weapons are basicly a smg that shoots two targets at once! wow. -Story You know what makes mass effect, dragon age, divinity and the likes great? Companions. people who help you and who have diffrent opinions about you people whoo you can save or let die and who put you into difficult scenarios. you have one companion who stays with you troughout your missions and with whom you have some banter, if you play male you have one person you canromance and you have l;ike 4 characters who you interact with a couple times on the side. Problem is that side characters dont accompany you and experience things with you. you just do your thing and do some side missions to complete their story, it feels like you and the characters you should care about are walking diffrent paths in life. hell my love intrest didnt know about my struggle untill right before the very last moment.... your a solo wanderer trough this world just putting your nose in other poeples bussniss. The story itself is decnt enough but very short. -Ending "Well surely its short becuase it has alot of endings!" No not really it got 7. and that basicly boils down too two radicly diffrent onces. More dissapointing for me is however that you unlock basicly all the endings is you do two major side quest chains. No regards for what dialoge you picked, no regards for the choices you made trough out the story. Example: i was genuinly afriad fot aking the pills so i denied my friend a date. the game tells you taking the pills is a big deal. it isnt, it doesnt matter one bit. If you dotwo side quest chains you can show up and do all the endings. even better after you did one the game drops you right before the "no return" save and you can picka nother one if you'd like. -Immersion game looks great! i like the feeling that nobody really cared about my V. i didnt like that my V was V and but thats more a personal thing i also disliked that in the witcher. V is a bit of a gangster and id rather play the cold ass hitman but i really couldnt converse that trough my dialoge. which ended up making me slightrly dislike my char when it was a serious prepping moment and V is basicly being a street thug. world is indeed a tad lifeless, not in the fact that there is nothing to do but more in its stagnate nature. Also, why does V save every. damn. contact. i have burning crotch man in my phone! this was a minor delivery quest i did in 5minutes and now clutters up my phone... calling people is fun there is just no reason too, everything is already pre marked on your map and there is no reason to chat up anybody for info or quest bc they will call you and let you know. -glitches i had a couple of minor onces but they werent constant for me and basicly had no/little impact on my experience. Final verdict: 7/10 if your looking for a rpg you can do better. if your looking for a shooter you can do better. if your looking for a story you can do better. if your looking for alltr hose combined you can do better. id say its worth about 40bucks when bug free.

  • Alex has the right frame of mind for all this. Joe and Other Joe are just way too forgiving on it.

  • yo please put some spoilers ....

  • John, Johnny... next role... JONATHAN

  • What happened to Dell?

  • Joe: You can get a pet cat Me: restarts game so I can adopt the cat and pet it after each mission.

  • crafting got me enough eddies to buy legendary subdermal armor, kirosho mk 3, and reinforced tendons on a level 3 character. You can make about 2100 eddies by spam crafting/dismantling 100 bounce backs from the start of the game. paying off victor right away gets you early access to some cyberware that normally takes at least 12-14 Streetcred to access from other rippers. id recommend at least putting 3 perks in it and raising the stat to 7. downside is that i probably spent over an hour in the crafting menue before seeing vic. also it glitches out and stops giving components if you dismantle your entire stack of bounce backs at once. (keep 4-14 components and bounce backs in your inventory to keep this from occuring) but yea. with the tech stat at level 16 you'll be able to use the bounce back loop to create every component in the game and never want for eddies.

  • Just wait another year it will be 20$ with all the dlc and no bugs done deal

  • For glory ending is the cannon dont care what anyone says. The Mr blue eyes conspiracy is TO MUCH

  • Still love this game so much. Been playing it on ps4 pro.

  • it is infact a game with potentials, the world construction is extreme detailed, it need more attention to game mechanics, it lack of that. It is like a beautiful model city with no life in it.

  • My problem with the game is that there’s really no day to day activities to do in night city, compared to like gta 4, you can play darts, go drinking, play poool, cyberpunk has nothing except racing

    • San Andreas has gambling, car customization, buying properties, actual gang wars, gun range, body changes, eating animations, different fighting styles, being able to rob houses, basketball arcade games, street racing, pool

  • Poposi Poposi Poposi Poposi

  • motorcycle discussion was also a thing of gta 1 and 2. I guess there were motors in 1 but they deleted them on gta 2.

  • from a lot of I heard and I experienced, female V has better voice acting. I played female one so I don't know about the male V yet.

  • Im really disappoint as well. I have to agree with OJ on final rating for PC. My rating is a bit higher, but more or less i feel how he feels. In all honesty, its a pretty good game thats rightfully held back by it's many, many flaws. But beneath all the technical issues, its honestly pretty good. There's really no comparing this to something like Fallout 76 or glad Joe and the gang dont indulge the hyperbole and say blatantly false things like that.

  • i like how most CP2077 haters are the ones that dont like exploring things.

  • This is like when watchdogs one forgot to add police boats but a whole game of that

  • I win

  • So yup, I guess I'll wait a year to play this game! 😑😑😑😑

  • SpaceBalls 2: The Quest for More Money hell yea lmfao never got it unfortunately

  • I’ve played a bit of it at my bro’s and even besides the bugs and glitches this game isn’t that good, I feel joe and the rest are giving it way higher scores this game is like a 4 or 5 imo. It doesn’t do anything great and the open world sucks, worst sandbox ever

  • lmao after this video anthem discussion started auto and joe said they gonna fix it eventually

  • Their discussion about V is very intriguing. I personally didn't mind V. I think V was a good protagonist, they're young, wanna take on the world but it gets cut short. But like you guys said, it appears that V will eventually die. What I'm tryna say is, how will this reflect in DLC or a sequel. I mean we go in Cyberpunk and we're V, it seems pretty odd to play as a different character that we have no chemistry with later on. Even if someone didn't like V, it would feel weird to play as someone. And most importantly, how would it play with our companions and romances? Are they just completely scrapped?

  • You can die in the car chase scenes if you play on hardest and arent a pussy...

  • How could you give it a 6 in your review, Joe, when there was such a factor in the play like the *FACT* that *it automatically corrupts your save files/data* if you collect too many items? That thing alone in on itself should bring it down to 3/10 and NOT let it go any higher, regardless of all the "potential" fixes or patches.

    • Because he didn't run into that issue? Plenty of people didn't. I didn't. Why should he take points off for issues he didn't run into? Not to mention, that was fixed relatively quickly, wasn't it?

  • Too bad V's character and/or story isn't someones like Hawk was in Dragon Age 2, rising to power in Night City. It's a big ass city, with lots of factions, were we could have joined / took over one and rise to be its boss, be it a street gang or some corporation, or even start a new gang or corp, there are a lot of money to earn / find in game, so it could have been an option, with tons of replay value. And sadly V has too many auto dialog, it's like there is the character creator where you made your own V, but ingame you barely see him/her, and his/her options for are rather limited for us to form him/her as to be our V, sadly.

  • I’m just gonna say this I’m having a blast on cyberpunk I just got it I think a day before patch 1.1 now I see the flaws of the game there are bugs one that I deal with is fall damage inconsistencies, and a black bar on my screen it is transparent but still there but other than that I have over 70hrs on it already and like only had 2 crashes (btw I have more crashes and bugs with cod not even Cold War, MW TOO!) but I see the game has a lot of potential and look forward to see what cdpr does to help bring it back up to shape, I’d personally give this game a 9/10... but if I criticize it a bit more maybe a 7/10

  • You said V died in all endings so how would it even be possible to see her again?

  • I'm going to finish my one playthrough since I started, but won't revisit this game until there is a complete ps5 edition, which would be around 3-4 years from now.

  • V‘s height is like 5‘5

  • They're trying to cash in on the online game market so that they don't ever have to create another game again. Look at what happened to GTA and elder scrolls. Online games make a ton of money with minimal effort when you have a base single-player game.

  • For a game with that much hype around "choices that matter" the game actually fell awefully flat in that department. And btw. Victor Vector not being a romance option is the real crime of Cyberpunk 2077 ;P...

  • Cyberpunk made Joe glitch at 14:50

  • CDPR releases a game full of bugs glitches horrible design and LIES. Sooooo many lies. They then follow this up with an appoligy video filled with more lies. And they never even mention the cut content that was promised. This game is all about crime and yet you cant even do something as basic as robbing a convenient store. It instead has the same shop system as FUCKING GRAND THEFT AUTO 3. REALLY???????

  • This game suck now i don't feel like playing any games now 😒

  • This game is so frustrating, I like it but I also feel so bored and empty sometimes playing it regardless of the bugs.. The city is so amazingly detailed, but its empty with nothing to do. The writing was good, but I just didn't care for the story, it felt like like it was missing something. Gameplay was fun, but was way easier to go guns blazing than hack and stealth. The crafting/rpg elements were pointless halfway through the game, and looting was unengaging. There is a shell of a really good game here, there are some 10/10 things but so many missed opportunities that it just feels like a lacking experience. I'm more excited for a DLC to come out when its polished, and focuses the story more. For me its a 6/10

  • I play on pc and had only a few bugs and I played for 149.8 hour now (didn't finish yet) with maybe 5 crashes total. What I experienced......low frames (gtx1060 my unable to pick up loot here and there on the map, the same major bugs that didn't let me progress main missions (2),when I did the mission in the float warehouse all the AI did not reconize me so they didn't attack me,after the last update before the patch my game just kept stalling like a bad load screen....haven't played it since and might just wait till the end of the year when I can get into it if it's ready by then. Over all I like the game but there is a shit ton of things that would make it better. I thought it would be way better than it is though I do like the game .... lol too much dongs in the game too.......

  • I didn’t even know there’s a planned multiplayer. Maybe it’d be co op missions?

  • 17:57 - 18:03 nobody wants to drive next to this face thats so sad its ok

  • Tiger claws like to hang out near motorcycle, but that is mostely to compleet the 'Akira look'

  • I've had minor issues on ps4. Still like the game, but needs work.

  • I did not get the elevator glitch

  • Wtf is G fuel lol

  • I really don't care about multiplayer, I only want them to fix the game, add the cut content and focus on expansions and DLC's


  • "Be best."' lmao

  • Crafting: even though I'm a tech build, the resources are still too much even though you have perks that reduce the amount you need or get more.

  • Yes fuck the multiplayer. Cancel it and put all the time into this rough diamond.

  • I'm a person that can't enjoy elder scrolls games (oblivion, skyrim). I think they are boring and look very stupid.

  • 18:16 John Romero always said to create the first level at the end of development because then you know how to create a good one. Usually first levels suck because the team is still cutting their teeth on how they want to build the game.

  • V, Panam, and Judy are all fantastic characters that I really hope we see a lot more of in some story DLC

  • I hate the Crafting in the game. It takes so long. I just want to craft all my Common Components into Uncommon all at once and Uncommon to Rare, etc. Seriously...

  • 5:58 minor threat reference. Kinda cool

    • this game has tons of references to songs i think the final missions is called "New Dawn Fades " just like Joy Division's song then " , "Beat On The Brat" by The Ramones

  • i'd say the mass majority of people playing video games value multiplayer > single player. I played CP77 single player and i loved it but if there was multiplayer i'd still be playing it tbh. I also didn't have game breaking bugs, there were bugs for me but nothing that interfered with the mission just graphical stuff.

  • CDPR has fallen...

  • 28:50 I've just started a new playthrough after 1.1 was released and I was able to pet the cat - if that's the cat in front of Vik's shop

  • Even if all the bugs were fixed, the main features they said that were going to be in the game are not.

  • Witcher 3 has much more cats, even had an Inn named after the cats.

  • Honestly, 😂 I didn't encounter a single bug. Played on PC though.

  • Remember. No multiplayer.

  • I bet all them pre orders feel like tards now poor fackers and 60 4 a broken 💔 an game lol not cool

  • Didn’t Best Buy leak copies of the game earlier than cd project red was intending to release the game and they panicked and released it because at that point they’d be fucked if they delayed it knowing that copies got leaked

  • Want them to give us DLC where you play as Jackie through his life, and have the last section be his and V's montage: only with actual playable missions! And where V essentially functions as a companion NPC that looks like the one you created at the start. There's so much they can pull from... Mama Welles, the Valentinos, all of those jobs he and V did, the partying... a 30 second fast forward did not do it justice!

  • Tbh I bought it cheaper but still felt it missing a lot of stuff and content