2020 Bentley Continental GT vs The Cheapest Continental GT You Can Buy

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This is the new 2020 Bentley Continental GT V8 and today it meets its elder, the 2007 Bentley Continental GT, which costs 49,995 CAD (37,950 USD), about 7 times less than the new one. Both are big luxury cars and they represent the peak of Bentley's finest coupe offering. So considering there's been 13 years of advancement since it hit the streets, can the old one stack up? Is the new one worth the massive premium? James and Thomas jump behind the wheel of both to experience them and discuss them inside and out. Watch and enjoy!
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Thanks to the legendary Ali Al-Ali and CB&C leasing for allowing us to feature the 2007 Bentley Continental GT. Take a look at their incredible inventory here! www.cbcauto.ca/
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  • he said sell it on the black market bc its black

  • how did he not say "when brilliant becomes Bentley..."


  • where do i buy the little abseiling men in the background

  • It's the exaggerated rear haunches of the new GT that makes it, in my opinion, the best looking luxury car in production. Looks like they took inspiration from the 2006 Continental GTZ by Zagato. This new GT is so handsome It actually passes for a classic car, and that's the highest praise I can offer because, let's be real, nobody will ever make a car prettier than an existing classic. Citroen DS, Jag E-Type, Jag XKSS, Corvette C3 Stingray, Delahaye 135 / 165, Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato, Porsche 356 Speedster, Maserati A6, Maserati Birdcage, Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, Alfa Romeo BAT Concept Trio, Talbot Lago, Mercedes 300SLR, Rolls Royce Phantom 1 Jonckheere Coupe, Ferrari 250, Ferrari 275GTB, Bugatti Type 57SC, etc, etc, etc.

  • 6:23 there was a check engine light for 2007 Bentley!!! You shouldn’t waist money on old luxury cars. There are reasons for the high depreciations!! Subscribe my channel.

  • Trying to be top gear cringe asf

  • I think I like the look of the older one better.

  • 15yrs ago me:: wow they even managed to package a cell phone in such a compact space!!!

  • 2020 kills every coupe out there today

  • Is the 2007 steering wheel from a Ford Expedition?

  • I rather buy an m3/m4, 340i, 430d, 440i or a 540d, E350, c43, c300 than a bentley from 2007

  • 73° celsius is not boiling. Thats 100°

  • Its very cheap. You cant even get a new Audi in denmark for 50 grand US. Cars cost more because of fkn taxes

  • “Took it to Gary” 😭😭😭

  • 20:51 oMG, that red one!! *SlapP* Sorry, sorry. _Candy Apple Red_

  • I simply cannot believe that the 2007 is now a retro drive. I remember my mate having one but in 2006; one of the earlier models in the UK and it was a technological wonder. We used to go into the West End in London to heads turning and admiring looks. Now watching this, I feel nostalgic for it, but where have the years gone? I must be getting old.

  • We do not call cookies biscuits, there is a difference between cookies and biscuits.

  • I prefer the old shape,the flags on the body remind me of what mini does . Lads I enjoy your banter. Always entertaining.

  • The intro alone deserves a like

  • I really don't get who would pay 40K USD for this old Bentley. Yes it's a good car , but the cost of ownership will be ASTRONOMICAL. tyres, brake pads, fuel, a simple fuel pump (imaginary example) will take 3-4 times the effort to replace. This is probably NOT the softest riding car you can get for this money, it's not the fastest. It's a very strange car, especially as old. Maybe in 5 years it could make sense as a retro car :-)

  • EL Bentley GT nuevo es una mierda!!!! Cada vez que abres las puertas y las cierras tienes que decir: oh... mira, las puertas se cierran solas!!! Y para enseñárselo a la gente vuelves a abrirla para volver a cerrarla. ¿No se dan cuenta que el sistema se inventó para no tener que abrir y cerrar 2 veces las puertas? Pues no, cada vez que veo un vídeo de este coche el dueño abre y cierra 2 veces. Es de tontos...

  • 6:24 is that an engine light in a Bentley :) very british

  • I was really holding out to try and be your 1M subscriber. I always look forward to watching your reviews. Congratulations on reaching 7 figures

  • Bu'er? :)))) There is a war on the letter T, isn'er?

  • I would definitely take the new one. In 2030 4 under 30 grand

  • Amazing video guys, great content.

  • reminds me a truck

  • What a pair of Richard Heads!!

  • 13:51 - Can anyone else see the image of a "clueless looking " Jesus in the veneer trim?

  • 10:42 - "The fenders on the Bentley are formed by super heating Aluminium and farting on it"

  • Was looking to buy a Continental in the 30-40k range when this video was posted. They are now ALL sold. #ThanksThrottleHouse

  • Fellow hufflepuffs unite!!

  • They have an 05 CGT and man, that thing is a hellova car for its price.

  • ❤bentley never drove one or been in one accept inn a showroom they have so much road presence & one day I will have one. Great video guys🙌

  • 😂👍🏾

  • That intro was brilliant

  • $49K CAD = $37,315.95 USD as of 10/13/20.

  • Got my like from the British introduction!

  • they look like a w211 mercedes E class thats why I love them the head lights

  • No drag race? Really?

  • I've seen a 2006 for 34k Canadian

  • I don’t know how the heck the algorithms got me here. I was watching an early sneaker review for an upcoming Jordan, then watched an achilles surgery video and now here I am.

  • Love the car but sadly is a nightmare to maintain.

  • "What's a dentist?" 🤭 Love the new Bentley, but the Flying Spur is even nicer.

  • @throttlehouse...please please include torque figures in nm also.. I know i sound lazy but i usually watch ur videos stoned..nd if i go and google the conversion..i usually dont end up coming back to the video and its hours before i realise im on a page telling me about to make water rocket!!! Please guys..just mention in parentheses..i dnt care..just dnt make me go back to googling again!!

  • Never a miss with the intro

  • hey guys! Please review the Bentayga V8 desiel ^^

  • So which is better?

  • and hiow much does the bentley cost? lmfao people will buy anyhing.

  • Rear end of the new one is ugly.

  • If you listen quietly you can hear these cars depreciating... Ok well actually you could still hear them depreciating front row at a Metallica concert...

  • At $30k US....this is SO MUCH CAR. UNTIL. IT. BREAKS. Many people can afford to buy it. How many can afford to fix it?

  • love the check engine light in the old one, very appropriate

  • It's coupe Bentley's in Houston here for under 40k

  • Stupid opening. Tuned out.

  • “No that’s not a beering wheel, you don’t have to drive drunk” 💀

  • What a great channel. You tube started as people making amateur videos, and has in some cases, evolved into this: totally professional broadcast quality productions. Very well done. The content is only exceeded by both hosts’ knowledge and banter.

  • The front of the 2020 Bentley Continental GT is not doing it for me. The headlights look superb , but that grill is way too large. Granted , I'm never going to buy one. Love the vid guys , keep doing what you're doing.

  • Nice

  • I love that diamond stitched interior in the newer one.

  • When James let the hood drop on Thomas's head......

  • "whats a dentist"😂😂😂

  • You are so underrated

  • Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione (Competition) Review ar-one.info/down/eIeUbat6d6-tmq4/fydyw.html

  • The new body is ugly AF

  • The check engine light is on lol

  • I like how car reviewers always bash the decade old car interiors when comparing them to the new ones. Damn. A decade ago we though this was the shit! Imagine 10 years on from now reviewing the 2030 cars. We gonna say the same. Exact same things.

    • That is why it is better to buy the cars YOU PERSONALLY love....because there will ALWAYS be a newer more expensive version of the car brand you love

  • I am HOWLING at "how often should you go to the dentist?"..... "What's a dentist" 😂😂😂😂🥴🥴🥴🥴

  • To many words!!!!!!!

  • I could hear my old English teacher in that opening montage..."Rubbish"

  • The W engine is so nice. The older cars really drive nice if you can afford to keep them on the road. I would never buy a Bentley to go out to the mountain twistys. Date night, going to the Country Club etc yes.

  • Yous really make us wait 3minutes to start a video🙃🙃

  • 7:44 bububububub

  • Humor and cars... the perfect combination.

  • Again my fav gay couple

  • English pounds is high 20's lol

  • Thomas at it again wearing my favorite tshirt!

  • Could watch James all day long, even if he doesn’t know what a dentist is!

  • Bentley......please for the love of god change the head light design in all your lineup. Time to let them go. UGLY

  • "Where brilliant meets special". In a car episode that focuses heavily on language, this was the best bit. Top marks.

  • The old one just marks you out as a poor wannabe. I'm sure someone with a new one is thinking that.

  • From the distance they still look very identical.

  • We refer to the rotating display as the Toblerone

  • drivetribe.com/p/guess-the-place-of-headquarters-QhH_vpqeSCGUhbVfxR6SRQ?iid=P98f2R5mTeGHiqO-3DkaDg

  • FYI that bug looks like an American Pelecinid wasp. They are harmless to humans (adults drink nectar) but parasitic to jun beetles, in whom they lay their eggs. This is an insect youtube channel now i guess...

  • "bently [...] pride of Britain" Tell the Rolls Royce hit squat I said hi

  • I find it funny that in a lot of their video reviews of luxury cars, when they talk about the pros and cons on the performance of each car, it's always about "racing the engine" up and down the road. But the fact of the matter is people who buy these type of cars aren't going to be racing up and down the road everyday, and then be disappointed that their Bentley didn't perform and handle like a Bugatti or Lamborghini. People don't buy any Bentley or Rolls Royce model with the idea of racing performance. They buy these type of cars old or new for riding comfort, style, and status no matter if it says GT on the back or not.

  • VAG group group?

  • You can’t find them for 23,000-28,000 in us

    • You can if it's a wrecked one with a salvage title. Although just before COVID got serious I did find a 2008 out here in LA for $31,000. But it had 91,000 miles on it. Which is pretty rare to find a Bentley or Rolls-Royce of any age with that many miles. Usually people who buy these cars aren't running all over town every day to rack up that many miles. Even with the older models from the early 2000's.

  • We’re gonna sell that on the black market...because it’s black

  • Those who pay so much money on Bentley's & Co must be crazy, indeed. The roof of a 1990 Toyota Camry or Corona doesn't cave in, and the bonnet still holds and intact. For Christsakes Bezos doesn't even own one of those bloody waste,and he can buy 10 Bentley factories should he fancy.... What's ONE word to define guys who drools over such things? Well, they've got self esteem issues for one. Of course I can afford to buy a brand new Bentley. but I shan't waste my hard earned money on mediocre engineering and craftsmanship

  • The 2020 is gorgeous

  • Gentlemen, I do enjoy the cut of your collective "jib" cheers for the vid.

  • I found one on OfferUp for 26k


  • It does look pretty old

  • Yeah the Maybach was nicer but also 2x the price. Still, i like that old maybach a lot compared to this old bentleyu

  • Is it just me or does the steering wheel in the old Bentley look like something from an old Volkswagen Touareg. 😂

  • There a reason people Lease Bentley's , No ones wants to pay the upkeep . SO that why so many cheap Bentley's after they 5 years old