Canada Me Punjabi Dhabe Pe Mile Desi Truck Driver Aur..

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  • Watt is yor salary as a truck driver

  • Nice video for knowledge thank you sir

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  • What's approximate salary truck driver in Canada

  • Apki gadi dekhi thi

  • Canada has 6 time zones brother not 4

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  • hey bro can you tell me which type of headset is pagi (the Truck Driver) using for talking with each other .

  • bro why are u putting that gas

  • Perfect videography and editing.

  • Times when all the Travel bloggers are sitting idle at home.. you keep finding some content or other.. Hats off to you Man..keep up the great work.. You're an inspiration for all of us.

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  • Amazing

  • Where is this dhaba sir??

  • Love from Assam..

  • Kindly share details for Transporter Driver jobs related.

  • Month ago I suggested your channel to one of my friend who is currently in process to get Canada PR. He replied yesterday and said he watched all your videos and suggestion was really awesome.

  • 8:30 😇😇

  • 9855251108cab driver

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  • 6 timezones in canada

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  • What happened? Video not uploded today. Waiting for it. Dt. 18.9.20

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  • Your knack of taking extra cautions and precautions is what impresses me most. 😊

  • 300 km 4 ghante mein?

  • I am your regular viewer, can I have your phone number what's app

  • Watch fit tuber now !!!!!


  • Aja bhai Winnipeg...

  • You should protect that propane cylinder from below with a steel slab or any method because it's dangerous like that without protection from below ..

  • Can anyone tell me song name playing behind this vlog

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  • its the diet thats killing 30 crore indians..samosa, paratha ...oil oil more oil...cause of blockages in heart. dont know when indian diet will become healthy

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  • Bhai mujhe truck driver bnna hai to kya krna hoga my whatsaap no9097972348 plz msg me

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