White soldier charged with assault for shoving, berating Black man in viral video l GMA

تم نشره في 2021/04/15
Active-duty soldier Jonathan Pentland has been charged with third-degree assault and battery after he was seen berating and shoving a Black man in Columbia, South Carolina.
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  • What the news actually is not telling: Black guy sexually harassed and woman and grabbed a baby before. Police were called and a report was made! Drill sgt is not acting racist

  • Let’s see the white kids in the hood getting berated by thugs that don’t get filmed every single day..

  • so he didn't get charged with assault

  • Lmao so that skinny black girl is saying that she was afraid of the huge white guy because he was going to kill the black guy? But she wasnt afraid enough to GTFO out of there? No just BS. Race baiting

  • I'm not justifying this mans actions, but CONTEXT IS IMPORTANT. What if this guy was walking around the neigborhood stalking little kids? So hows about we all stop jumping to conclusions until the FULL story develops? If it turns out that this was race driven, then fuck that pos.

  • White vs Black vs Yellow Wtf 😂🤣

  • More race baiting.

  • When all these racist sh*th*les gonna extinct? Truly need much harsher punishment for race related incidents.

  • If he is a well liked officer and his unit likes him, this will be pushed under the rug.

  • So what was the reason for this soldiers berating of the individual? I'm confused as to what led to such a scary confrontation. No opinion for me to give when not enough information has been provided.

  • My God what a beautiful chocolate woman Shadae is, outside and in. I appreciate her for recording what was going on. The media likes to act like we don't have each other's back but we do.

  • Racist happened any race, black America also attacked Asian old women recently, what they complain for,had any one watched America news,

  • Why not tell the full story?

  • He really wanted to hurt somebody, rushed outside barefooted 🤣🤣🤣 thats what you get with bad intentions, in the hole.

  • 30days in jail its not enough he should be fired

  • I don't give a shit what happen before. What I see is evil and get Mrs. Evil too. Thank You to the Sista that caught this. I'm sick and tired of this.

  • What about the threats that this racist pos made? thats a felony.

  • No one cares

  • The soldier needs to be discharged from the armed forces Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stop making everything about race

  • Another one sided story. I just wish we knew the whole story so we could accurately assess the situation.

  • The sad fact is white America would have convicted if that young man had he defended himself in anyway.

  • And the race of these two individuals is so important that we couldn't just watch and see for ourselves. This isn't race baiting at all.

  • The sergeant was drunk, both on power and alcohol and he’s the type that gives recruits an unpleasant time, but he can’t do so when it’s a civilian! He really let himself, and his community down, but the worst thing of all was letting his regiment down, and sullying the good name and military reputation of the regiment with his actions. Such actions are bad enough if carried out by a new recruit, but to see it from a sergeant aged 42, is beyond the Pale - and the military don’t appreciate being shown up this way. They already have a colossal amount of work ahead of them just trying to convince anyone that might listen, that they’ve identified the areas, the people and the actions that have allowed institutionalised racism to exist for so long in the armed forces - perhaps the police might also learn from this incident and the inquiry that is bound to follow?

  • Is the dude pushing him around, telling him to leave because he's black or something else? Doesn't look like racisim, especially since military is all about one color, Green. Unless he doesn't fall under that same code. Nobody will know IG.

  • ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️If you’re reading this comment: I WISH YOU THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE TODAY!!!!!!! ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️If you’re reading this comment: I WISH YOU THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE TODAY!!!!!!! ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • False flag.

  • Mainstream media posting lies and driving a false narrative. Complete garbage.


  • Anyone else immediately thought of Trayvon Martin? Nearly a decade later and we still get cases of black people being harassed for simply existing in predominantly white places.

  • 100%Fake.no one would just push a.nigga for walking nr your house,would they ?

  • Sk does he reside there?

  • They will raise any instance of conflict to the moon when the race narrative fits. This isn’t news it’s just gossip and programming for the weak minded.

  • Wasnt the guy harassing young girls before this happen ??? Why not look into before reporting??

  • Where is the black guy who violently shoves the old Asian man on the street,y is no talking about it becoz ain't black.

  • Y'all still pushing the race baiting? Lol Fake News

  • Pick someone your size next time

  • Stop painting white people as bad people. Y’all only report on whites being mean to blacks but not black to whites.

  • Somebody better stop all this killing of my people or Babylon will fall!

  • Sound like the news doesnt have the facts to report this properly either..three sides to every story

  • I think just pushing him doesnt really count as assualt like bruh

  • Damn racist people. Why can't we realize. We're all humans and adults at that who should know better. That's SAD ADULT BULLY'S. THE WORLD WILL NEVER GET BETTER AS LONG AS WE HAVE IMMATURE ADULTS THAT DON'T GROW UP. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE A BIG BULLY'S SENDING OUT THE WRONG MESSAGE. 🤔 SO VERY SAD..!


  • he come on up to me i f##k him up.

  • So sick of this anti-white bullshit.

  • Calling all white people racist.... IS RACIST!!! Ignoring anti-white racism.... IS RACIST TOO!!! Believing that non white people are automatically oppressed 24/7 & can't do anything in their lives...... IS ALSO RACIST!!! Focusing only on people of your own race IS ALSO RACIST! Obsessing about race/identity politics IS ALSO RACIST! (All of those are believed by Democrats. Democrats are extremely racist, Trump Supporters/Conservatives/Republicans are not)

    • Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016 literally brought out the most whites supremacist groups to the public since Jim Crow era. Keep living that lie, and subscribing to false history. We all know who Richard Spencer is, and we know there are a bu cu of undercover neo-nazis slithering around society.

  • Race baiting if no context is given.

  • Trump was right “soldiers are suckers and losers”

  • This is clearly a kid being harassed. Why is he continually, consistently & repeatedly being called a man? I guess it’s to make someone feel a little better about this unprovoked, rage fueled assault.

  • the guy before was literally going around trying to steal babies and touch woman

  • Dude in the red shirt is built like Ryback and trying to pick a fight with lil dude. LOL

    • Soldiers are suckers and losers......trump was right

  • What do you expect from soldiers? They're a bunch of bullies

  • ..and the narrative continues. 🙄 i wonder if the “black man” was white? All those vandalizing his house should fkn go to jail.

    • Okay, and? Look how mad you are that people are being held accountable for their actions. America has been building off racism since its inception, but now you are oppressed?

  • Dude was obviously wrong and should definitely face assault charges misdemeanor however the people saying that they don't support bullies you know that NONE of those "protesters" are being arrested for throwing rocks in the windows or destroying property harassing and contributing to a threatening environment for the entire neighborhood

  • Dude walked up on his wife! Damn shame his leadership didn't have his back while he's serving his country! GTFOH!

  • I feel like it’s more like bullying not racism I don’t see no racism at all just blacks again wanting attention I don’t take both sides both blacks and whites are crazy LATINOS on top WE WILL TAKE OVER USA

  • Calling all white people racist..... IS RACIST!!!

  • Stop ignoring anti-white racism!!!

  • Good Morning America refuses to address the black man beating up on Asians....

  • That vet deserves a medal for protecting his property when no else will

  • Sry but I why did I think this was about falcon and the winter soldier when I clicked on this tho 😳

  • should not even air this until you know what precipitated the confrontation

  • bet there’s more to the story

  • Why are you dislikeing

  • And nothing was done about the so called peaceful protesters destruction of his property. HIS kids could have been there.

  • Not that United States news is racist I'm not saying that I'm just saying our news is garbage and racist.

    • @Joaquin Zaldivarthe important point is this is not news it's a narrative.

    • Honestly, the news is so twisted nowadays

  • I want me be a hashmark what ever that is gangster

  • Are we not going to talk about how the army vet and his wife isnt wearing any shoes during a pandemic? What kind of drugs is him and his wife on?

  • Sad news

  • I wanna know what happened before

  • that’s a big head

  • Strange GMA doesn’t show the full video, especially the part of the video with the black witnesses saying that the kid had started a fight with a young girl.🧐 I didn’t see or hear race come up in this at all...but somehow the this video is race related...🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Lol.. getting the love they are giving to Asians... this shouldn't make it on the news

  • Unless they are married to a person of color, or have been certified as black card members, all While people here in the US, need to go through a re-education program similar to the one that was given to Nazi Germans after they were defeated and were accused of the heinous crimes of the Holocaust. This whole white privilege mentally has to be eradicated/uprooted at once. Enough is enough!

  • We dont get news coverage of the mobs of black people in minnapolis hunting whites


  • What went on before the camera started rolling that is the question.

  • NOT racist at all American media: racist KKK nazi member pushes precious black man

  • The U.S. is THE shit hole on Earth.

    • Because of leftists.

  • So there were other "incidents " involving the young man....but miraculously no matter how hard we try....we just can't find out what!

    • They censor things that don't fit the narrative.

  • Racism never gets old smh

  • Court marshal


  • Merica!?!?!

  • No this is dogshit. You don't know what happened you don't have any context at all but the media is going to use this and turn it into something it's not. Because the media is corrupt and f*** you

    • @aratosm I knew there had to be a reason for that military officer to be getting in his face he had to have been doing something because there's no way I trained military officer would get that worked up. I come from a military family and soldiers don't act like that. I knew they had to have been doing something. But it doesn't surprise me. This madness has to stop with the Press they have to be held accountable for slandering and lying

    • Expect your comment to get erased. They are censoring like crazy because the guy was a creep and any mention of that needs to be silenced because it does not fit their narrative.

  • We don't know what led up to this so we will jump to conclusions. US News is garbage

  • Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, as they say.

  • Boy , I'm walking and the white due wants to throw hands ,WE ARE THROWING HANDS. Many racist thing we soft. We ain't soft.

  • They just can't mind their business. and South Carolina, Texas, Alabama all these states are racist states

    • ​@Tyler Moody, I apologize if I offended you.

    • @sumaiyah Shaheed 100% racist thing to say

    • ​@Tyler Moody, not really it's true South Carolina is a racist state

    • Pretty racist thing to say

  • Dude is a POS, Got everything he deserved - Hope he had to move. Fucking POS !

  • Get fucked

  • Yeah, harassing a small man does not make you stronger . I hope he goes to jail and meet the real giant black inmates.

  • Good for the sheriff....

    • For not doing it's job and arresting a molester?

  • I mean it’s disgusting but how is this racial? You can’t really prove that it is just on the fact that they’re two different races

  • A lot more behind this.

  • Damn, that soldier is an asshole

  • Now wait a minute, I was one of the few white kids growing up in East St. Louis, MO and was told everyday I don't belong in the neighborhood. I got jumped everyday for being white, shot at 3 times before 2nd grade walking home from school and thought my name was cracker in kindergarten. Why isn't this reality being covered on the news? There are neighborhoods all across the country white people are not allowed into, and if you end up in them there is no warning to leave they'll just end your life right then and there.

    • Poor you. So you were basically treated how black people are treated everyday.