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Presenting first episode of India's biggest independent music show “ INDIE HAIN HUM SEASON 2 with multi talented TULSI KUMAR”. Catch singer-songwriter, Kamakshi Khanna’s astounding performance and some never heard before secrets of Musical duo Armaan Malik and Amaal Mallik.
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Song Name : Zara Thehro
Singer : Tulsi Kumar
Music Arranged, Mix and Mastered: Manan Bharadwaj (Namyoho Studios)
Original Music : Amaal Mallik
Original Lyrics : Rashmi Virag
Episode Directed by : Satyaprakash Singh (Raaj)
T-Series & Red FM brings to you the ultimate stage of Independent music 'Indie Hain Hum Season 2' where the host Tulsi Kumar will introduce you to the finest Independent artists across the length and breadth of country. The 13 week long saga will also feature who's who of the music industry and in this episode.
Watch a brand new episode every Saturday at 9 am only on RED FM & T-Series Facebook pages and AR-one channels.
Tune in to Red FM every Saturday 9 am and Sunday 1 pm.
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  • My First time as a Host n RJ.. The very first episode of #IndieHainHum Season 2 with the super talented Malik Bros - Armaan & Amaal Malik along with the versatile Indie artist from Delhi Kamakshi Khanna- is all yours now ❤️ Performed a little unplugged version of #ZaraThehro for all of you. Hope you enjoy this episode n do tell us if u are an Indie Artist/ Band so we can reach out to u n hopefully u can feature next in this Show 🎶

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  • What kind of singer would you classify yourself as? #AskTulsiKumar

    • Well to answer that @Abhinav Mathur I try and experiment in different genres. I would like to categorize myself as a versatile voice since I love to experiment in different genres and different kind of tones and timbre.#AskTulsikumar

  • What has been the best performance of your career so far? #AskTulsikumar

    • Well to answer your question @Sruthi L Sridhar THE BEST IS YET TO COME😊 because with every song an artist grows and learns so much.But a song that has been a turning point in my career is #TumJoAayeZindagiMein that released back in 2010 as it was one of my first few songs that released and got some amazing reviews and love from everyone all over.#AskTulsiKumar

  • How to get started with my singing career? #AskTulsiKumar

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