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Presenting the eighth episode of India's biggest independent music show “INDIE HAIN HUM SEASON 2 with multi-talented TULSI KUMAR”.

It's gonna be headphones off kind of a day as we bring to you the best of North and South only on Tseries and Red FM Indie Hain Hum Season 2 with Tulsi Kumar. Get ur tub of popcorn ready as this is gonna be one entertaining weekend. With performances by Arya Dhayal and Kanika Kapoor you just can't miss this one!
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Song: Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon - Unplugged
Singer: Tulsi Kumar
Music: Amaal Malik
Lyrics: Rashmi Virag
Music Arranged & Mix: Manan Bhardwaj (Namyoho Studios)
Episode Directed by Satyaprakash Singh (Raaj)
T-Series & Red FM brings to you the ultimate stage of Independent music 'Indie Hain Hum Season 2' where the host Tulsi Kumar will introduce you to the finest Independent artists across the length and breadth of the country. The 13 week long saga will also feature who's who of the music industry and in this episode.
Watch a brand new episode every Saturday at 9 am only on RED FM & T-Series Facebook pages and AR-one channels.
Tune in to Red FM every Saturday at 9 am and Sunday at 1 pm.
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