Golgappa Song: Tuesdays & Fridays | Sonu K, Benny D | Kumaar, Tony K | Anmol T Dhillon, Jhataleka

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SCIPL & Bhansali Productions present in association with Hi-Hat Productions, the song Golgappa from the movie “Tuesdays and Fridays” starring Anmol Thakeria Dhillon & Jhataleka. The movie is produced by Bhansali Productions & SCIPL and written, directed by Taranveer Singh. The song is sung by Sonu Kakkar and Benny Dayal, while penned by Kumaar and composed by Tony Kakkar.
'Tuesdays and Fridays’ is a quirky romantic comedy about Varun, a bestselling author, and Sia, an entertainment lawyer. They both have their distinct way of looking at love. Varun doesn’t believe in long term relationships, and he follows a ‘7 week rule’, whereby he decides the expiry date of a relationship at the very beginning. Sia doesn’t agree with this, so she comes up with a plan according to which they are in a relationship only on two days a week, Tuesdays and Fridays. On other days, they are allowed to date whoever they want.
From there on, the film is a cat and mouse game about who actually has control in this arrangement.

Through Sia and Varun we explore the possibility of a ‘happily ever after’ in today’s cynical times.
► Film Releasing On 19 February 2021
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Song: Golgappa
Movie: Tuesdays & Fridays
Singer: Sonu Kakkar and Benny Dayal
Music: Tony Kakkar
Lyrics: Kumaar
Music Label: T-Series
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