Our First Mystery Guest | Dinner With The D'Amelios

تم نشره في 2020/11/16
For our first guest on Dinner with the D'Amelio's, we have... wait... we can't tell you that, we didn't even know who was coming. Make sure you watch to see who joined us for dinner in the first episode of our new series, Dinner With the D'Amelios.
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  • now I'm thankful I was born in an Asian parent

  • People here seriously need to grow up. She asked for dino nuggets and she got cancelled *hmmm yes that makes sense*

  • Look I deal with my sisters all the time i have 5 and 1 brother we argue all the time, 1 of them always says put downs to me. Calling me ugly, fat and sometimes saying i wish you were never born. But if your going to say stuff like that maybe you should put yourself in her shoes. How would you feel. Getting all these hate comments. She is only 16. We should all be supportive of each other. Sorry if i made any spelling mistakes. No need to come at me if i do. I can't spell very big words, I mean i am 12.

  • Just waiting for their fake as$ public apology

  • People come here 1 week late: they’re so disrespectful omg. Charli: the chef wasn’t hurt and knew we were joking. 😐

  • I can’t wait for a new app to get poppy so they can f off just like most of the vine people are starting to.

  • Here before this gets deleted ☻

  • James: ewww ewww Charli: do we have dInO nUgGeTts

  • Me who grew up in a polish household, I wouldn't even dare to think to behave like they did.

  • These two teeanage girls act like the vilains in Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen's movies

  • Dixie needs to straighten her back it’s gonna get so messed up when she gets older.

  • I think this family have attitude and Pls respect food,James Carry this video!

  • Everything you see can't mean that it's true, just God can know the true. Sorry if my English have mistake, please correct it.

  • AHAHAHA charli said 7:50

  • This video legit changed my thought to the damelios like I know James Charles was a nice person from the very beginning but I was too shocked to actually know that Charli and Dixie are actually like rude. I legit Stan charli and Dixie before and for sure I feel like both of them have changed. Anyways, in the live Charli said that the chef didn't take the whole thing so serious but like I really don't see why she thinks that. Like no just no, why don't they at least ACT nice in a video where there's going to be millions of people watching lol.

  • Why didn't they atleast include the chef in the last part? :(

  • They don’t deserve hate for this

  • dino nuggets

  • Charli: Do wE HaVe aNy DiNo NugGetS 7:50

  • Why do I feel like their dad has NEVER got into drama

  • Ami the only one??!!!! Dixies TABLE MANNERS?!!

  • I think people are so dumb for hating on her for the snail, like is she not aloud to not like some foods????

  • Jesus stop crying about it

  • That’s my dad he wants to live in Vegas

  • Welcome to stupid family hahaha

  • Yo, I am a huge texture eater and have definitely thrown up after eating something that bugged me. You can't control your gag reflex guys. Besides, they said that the chef was a close friend, so they aren't going to be as formal with them as they would have been with someone they had hired.

  • Honestly stop hating she just didn't want to eat snails seriously

  • My favourite food is food that I can eat😉

  • You no wout you gies need to sotp bing mean to charly.She is fine stop hating. She is so so sweet she so nice ok gies pleas stop, love you charly.

  • When Charli says liars to the chef, I was like "that's it, I will unfollow this rude brat"

  • Ohhh my goshhh how to unsee this sh*t?

  • Dixie: throwing up Charlie: “do we have any dino nuggets“ they literally act like children

  • So ungrateful. Little brats

  • Is it just me or does the food look delicious 🤔😄?

  • Charlie’s face when James said that he was going to do the out tro 😟

  • This video and more specifically James Charles’ behavior made me realize how phony the D‘Amelios are and how Charli and Dixie have not been taught any manners by their parents.

  • Was the 95 not enough for you lol LMFAO😂💀💀💀😂💀💀💀😂💀

  • Everybody's acting like Charli and Dixie are bad people just because of the fact that they are disgusted that they are eating snails. It's human nature to dislike snails because they are slimy and nasty looking. It's even more human nature to throw up because you just ate a snail. So, people need to stop saying they are being brats just because they dislike something. Like, it's okay to dislike something.

    • Gagging is a reflex, you need to train to control it. While I find snails one of my favourite foods, they can be gag inducing to some people. And Charlie just has dreams and goals, it is selfish to have goals? NO. They are cancelling them for being humans.

  • This is why tik tokers shouldn´t be youtubers, and you bet they thought it would be as easy as tik tok. Also Charlie fan pages are saying that pewdiepie is overrated when they gave 100 mil to a person dancing or sometimes not doing anything in front of a camera

  • How can you let you’re kids behave like that especially on camera...

  • No one:Dixie snail!?! 🤢🤮🤮 Hi

  • Yes

  • You know what Dixie you're so disgusting. You don't have respect to Mr. Chef that made the dish , and also to your family and guest. Here in Phillipines, we loved eating snail coz it's so very delicious and we need to picking in dalampasigan.

  • Kids songs in tik tok are harmless But ur idols arent......

  • James: Charli if your a picky eater what’s your favorite food? Char: chicken nuggets... Dixie: AND mac and cheese char: 🤠 i loveeee mac and chese

  • cHaRlI iS eLiTe!

  • LMAO CHARLI: do we have any dino nuggets...

  • i swear to god charli is gonna make me wake up my parents it’s 1 am and i’m watching this and I KEEP LAUGHINGG

  • you guys are blowing this out of porportion dixie is a picky eater you cant control gags she puked like what did you want from her,and hating on charlie for a goal because she wants to set herself for sucess like you guys need to look in the mirro and see were this anger is coming from

  • -1 subs

  • Carlie "ur being snappy control the attitude "

  • Jesus #1 no cap all fax. Whatever we do we have to do it in the name of the Lord Jesus and give thanks at the same time. Verse: "And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him." Colossians 3 17 God bless Websites: BibleGateway VerseOfTheDay

  • This looked rather awkward and kinda fake. Even so, it’s definitely not something to get canceled for

  • This is total comedy I love it

  • Bullshit attitude

  • Why are y’all so angry????

  • Les falta educación a esas niñas. Me da verguenza ajenas verlas actuar asi.

  • What tiki tok is not letting me get it!?!?!?🤔

  • No me gusto lo q hizo esa chica

  • es tonta en bomitar adelante de chef

  • * Me with my pants backwards * My friends: * laugh * Me: 6:36

  • 7:28. Example of bad raise kids 🥴

  • From tiktok

  • James our Sister with sweet vibes 👑💛

  • This family showed they treat employees like the are bellow them 😖🥴

  • You doesnt deserve it charlie teach your self

  • James is the only person there who is disciplined and respectful to the chef and the damelios...of course like..... I hope they get cancelled! And I’m glad tikotk is banned in india so I don’t have to see nonsense and drama and tea every SINGLE DAY...and this is the first time I’m agreeing to Trisha paytas and even tho Trisha is problematic n all but she did make good point abt the damelios

  • I see nothing wrong with this the girl didn’t want to eat a snail a fucking snail

  • All aren’t even celebs charilie buying followers lmaooooo

  • Tbh Marc and James were the only ones with manners.

  • cHaRlIe daMelIO I can barely say that cringe name 😬😬

  • Can i just say i luv snails so i will gladly eat them

  • 2:47 LOOK at her face expressions lol

  • 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Why do people follow these girls They are just pretty but lack in all the other aspects 🤢🤢🙄

  • 4:32 What is that...What is she on

  • Vao se fuder meninas mal educadas da porra eu já comi muitas coisas sem falar um piu e debochar da comida

  • Why was dixie’s mom so mean to dixie she was like “why is she being so dramatic” and then she was “classic dixie it’s pretty clear that charli is her favorite I love the D’Amelio family tho💅🏼😌❤️

  • The damelios literally need to be cancelled their disrespectful and so irrelevant the only way I know them is because of the bad drama they have gotten into and they are so childish I live James for this I want to see the damelios go down rn

  • 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • I remember when I was 5

  • Idk what their parents did wrong they were actually telling dixie to not be dramatic its like you guys just hate the dalmelio family

  • Ummm... Why would you put snails in a teenager's food when you know they are somewhat of an acquired taste.... Seriously... I mean that would be anyone's reaction when they .........

  • The only normal person in this clip is the cook.

  • 12:43 uhm dixie-

  • Se nota q no tiene la mínima educación

  • This is the first time I've ever heard of this family

  • So... we're cancelling her because she didn't like snails and threw up because of the taste? Now... have any of those that are too quick to judge her actually eaten a snail? Because I have. And I understand why she acted the way she did. Its not being ungrateful or anything, its just a normal reaction to something that just didn't taste good? I reacted similar... same for sushi and several kinds of seafood...

    • @Nobody Knows you're not wasting anybodys time. Get that out of your head immediately. Your opinion matters just as much as anybody else's, okay? Dont think of yourself as any less! You're not invisible!

    • Actually the reason from what I’ve seen is 1. What you said about Dixie and 2. Charli asking for more followers and asking for chicken nuggets while eating the chief’s food. I have seen a few things saying this was a set-up aka a prank. I don’t hate on them I just need help seeing good because of people who let you see so much bad in others you only see bad in them. Sorry this is so lame and long but I hope it lets you know what others are thinking and gives you their perspective. If Charli some how ends up seeing this just know it is hard to be in the entertainment business people hate for jealousy and little things that is the big picture; the con of being famous, this is coming from someone completely invisible and I have learned this. If you read this far sorry again for wasting your time.

  • OMG Charly likes chichen nuget and marcaroni like me OMG 😱😱😱😱

  • Just from watching this I can feel the second hand embarrassment from James Charles.

  • 1:36 I think I'm charli in life 0-0

  • james carried this..

  • What didn’t they know James for years?

  • Everyone should stop hating it was a joke that Dixie had done and charli made an accident EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES honestly what if we were in a. World where making a mistake made you get a bunch of hate. Oop seems like we are here.

    • If 95 million fans are just numbers, I guess 100 million are just numbers aswell. You dont understand this disrespect these tik tokers have.

    • Ok but why did Dixie acted like a 12 year old💀

  • i wish that addison hit 100 mill 1st

  • I FULLY understand now why there is a Proper Table Manners and Etiquette because of this video.

  • Why are y'all talking about praising the shef like I don't even do that bruh you don't have to y'all are just too soft like-

    • So being respectful for the food someone cooked with all their heart is being too soft? I guess you're one of those people that treat costumer service like shit just because that's how entitled you are.

  • They’re young, and the chef is a family friend. You can’t help gag, my friends parents used to make some things I hadn’t tried before, and I tried to fight through gagging but it was obvious I didn’t care for it and the laughed and understood. THEY ARE EATING SNAILS! I’m sure the chef wasn’t upset and probably thought it was a Lil funny seeing as they knew him prior it’s not some random chef they hired for the night your mad at children for not liking something. They at least tried it, they just didn’t like it.

    • @Courtney Gahan no cuz that’s 21 years old, she’s an adult and acts like a 12 year old😐😐

    • She can’t even buy ciggys or sit at the bar?

    • @Courtney Gahan no 19 isn’t young, she’s a fcking adult

    • 19 isn’t young to you?

    • “children” ah yes, a 19 year old toddler.

  • no one: charli: do we have eny dino nuggys

  • James is the nice one here way to go D’Amelios