Indie Hain Hum Season 2 with Tulsi Kumar | Ep - 9 Promo | T-Series | Red Fm

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T-Series & Red FM brings to you the ultimate stage of Independent music 'Indie Hain Hum Season 2' where the multi-talented Tulsi Kumar will introduce you to the finest Independent artists across the length and breadth of the country. The 12 week-long saga will also feature who's who of the music industry.
Tulsi Kumar has worked with most of the composers in the Industry but there is one person who is still on Tulsi’s music wish list.
Watch this video to find out who it is! You too can ask your questions to Tulsi by using #asktulsikumar. Watch till the end as she reveals this week’s Indie artist and the special guest on this week's episode of Tseries and Red FM Indie Hain Hum Season 2 with Tulsi Kumar.
Catch a brand new episode every Saturday at 9:00 am
Tune in to Red FM on Saturday at 9 am and Sunday at 1 pm!
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