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Why did Maddie Pass out? First Rebecca Zamolo created "the end game..." Next Matt and Rebecca uploaded "Is Rebecca's twin dead or alive after end game?" Finally the Game Master Network made "Extreme hide and seek with evil Daniel." Now it is time to investigate if there is a real ghost in our house. Rebecca heard something from the attic and it sounds like it came from the tunnel. Maddie turned around and could it be a real ghost? Next everyone splits up and Rebecca hears something in the bedroom just for her. Why would someone give her a secret message or clue? Matt doesn't believe in ghosts since we destroyed them all in ghost busters in real life. Rick and Maddie start screaming and they have been trapped by a ghost. When down stairs in the giant movie theater Maddie faints. Yes she fainted in real life. Why did she pass out all of the sudden? Now someone is taunting us and we might not be safe in our own house. Can we trap the ghost or will it haunt us forever? Did we just witness a haunting? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!
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  • Do you think a real ghost is living in our house or do you think Daniel is pranking us? SUBSCRIBE for a good day!

    • Maddie is goust

    • Maddie is possessed by evilyn when she fainted or she is just pure evil like Daniel

    • Love you Rebecca

    • Eveiln has made maddie evil

    • Can I see you..where are you

  • Matt did all of this

  • I keep seeing a red man outside who is it

  • Yes it's on monster 👹👹👹👹👹

  • chost

  • Gows

  • Gost

  • Maddie is magic

  • I saw something out the window

  • Ghost

  • The girl said do you wanna go to my house Rebecca

  • did anyone see a red guy in the window??? cuz i saw it

  • rabacca ar ghost an jor haus

  • When the chair flipped over there was someone with a red cape

  • Don't be scared of ghosts

  • Ghost in your house

  • When you guys were by the chair trying to figure out who knocked down the chair, there was a red hood spy or someone dressed up in red walking by your window

  • Omg i scared t-t-th -the g g. Ghost said come back to my doll house Rebecca

  • I think rick noah likes maddie

  • ITS MADDIE!!!!!

  • When you were picking up the chair I saw arhs in your backyard

  • I sor person in a red coat

  • At 9:00 there was an RHS

  • Maddie is thegost

  • H

  • Most of everyone who commented is using their parents account

  • Is matt ik

  • I love your tiktoks

  • The ghost went in Maddie’s boddie

  • Maddie is the ghost I think

  • Outside

  • House

  • The ghost said rebbe a come back to my doll hours

  • Omg 😱😱😱

  • Maddie smiled when you weren’t looking into a drink in the water

  • Rick Noah❤️Maddie

  • hichhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • OMG

  • I saw a red headed spy I’m serious

  • I saw Maddie get the chair away I saw her even she put spicy powder on mats face

  • Maddie is still controld

  • The. Ghost said your the last one Rebeca

  • hey red is guy

  • hey red guy ok

  • Ghost 👻

  • Rebecca you were checking the chairs do I saw somebody Outside and his/her Clothes was red

  • I saw a guy outside with a red jacket out of the window

  • I subcribe and do the waiat what

  • Shout out please

  • RIH is behind you

  • Oh and evilan has all of the ghost power

  • Me downloading a ghost app cause I'm scared-

  • Say it’s way I’m M in your House

  • mady its pranking

  • Guys the ghost said back to my doll house Rebecca

  • No

  • It was madde

  • prank

  • The reason why Rebecca had goose bumps is because i think kinpin was there

  • rebbeca even i used to have goose bumps to you know

  • Thank you for uploading! Do you have a second? I posted a new song of mine on my channel. As a fellow music fan, I'd love if you'd check it out. Let me know what you think! :)

  • It was Maddie!

  • ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😊😊

  • Ghost in the kitchen what how was that meant no ghost in the you don't need to be afraid people who buy you OK let's chit-chat tiktok tiktok tiktok

  • Th E ghost said hello I’m a ghost rebeca i think

  • Tell me better

  • the ghost in Rebecca's closet said "come to my dollhouse Rebecca"

  • I think all of this is Maddie🤬😡🥵

  • Something is wrong with Maddy🥺

  • pale vesol maddie

  • I saw red hood spies in the background in the window when you were picking up the chair it was a distraction

  • There is a red spy look in the vid where you found the chir

  • It is a ghost

  • Iaia

  • I am Gaby and I am using my grandmas phone


  • Don’t say go to the dollhouse Rebecca👻

  • Yes there’s a ghost in your safe house

  • No It’s madie

  • I mean I still think its danyull

  • Ummm guys why you didn’t look at the window I just saw someone who has a red hoodie

  • Rebecca it was Maddie Maddie got summoned by the ghost so she hurt everybody in your house

  • Rest in piece headphone users

  • Matt It Is not Daniel It Is elven don,t you see

  • Maddlie has a ghost un aire her

  • When you guy where looking at the broken chair I saw a rhs in the window

  • Who is Rebecca‘s friend

  • Ghost

  • thir was somthing in the back when you pick up chir

  • It is maddie

  • Rich Noah was the one who turned the sticks

  • Ahhahahaha

  • Come in the doll house

  • Maddy did this

  • when you was using the headphones it said come to my dollhouse Rebecca

  • Rebbeca is right I saw the book fall

  • When the ghost was trying to communicate to you he said go back to the doll house i think

  • There was a red hood outside the window when the chair fell


  • the ghost said come to my doll house right now