Doja Cat - Streets (Official Video)

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Doja Cat // Streets (Official Video)
Hot Pink // Out Now:​​
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“Streets” (Official Video)
Starring: Doja Cat & Kofi Siriboe (@kofisiriboe)
Director: @christhedirector
Executive Producer: @christhedirector @miketheproducer
Commissioner: @samhoustonishere
Producer: @miketheproducer
Line Producer: @nicky_bonez
Director of Photography: @jchema
Production Company: @luckybastards_inc @londonalley
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#dojacat #streets #hotpink


  • Parry like dark souls

  • This is so good its crazy. I don't listen to this kind of music but I have to hand it to her. Its excellent.

  • Dang that person that made that tiktok sound is a legend

  • #Freedojacat

  • Happy twerking

  • Okay but Doja Cat literally owns TikTok now. And I live for it

  • I can’t believe 31K people disliked this song like this song is fire af❤️🥰🥰

  • irrelevant but what happened to the girl who wanted to become a president. was HC the only one?

  • Disclosure remix it's better

  • Вы заебали уже про тверкинг писать, можно что нибудь другое? Например про twerking?

  • Tiktok deixando a música visualizar com sucesso💃🏻

  • I was in a trance just like the guy in the end, lol. Forgot about that guy until I saw him again lookin just like me. Sexy vid and great artist. Never heard of her.

  • They created beauty. This is talent.

  • Escuche esta canción cogiendo con mi Crush con el amor de mi vida y volverla a escuchar es como volver a coger con ella

  • Her sitting in the back seat like 👁👄👁

  • He lookin thirsty til she be lookin like a 🕷

  • Her dancing in the window be like 👩🤚🏼

  • tbh I thought spider-doj woulda turned into a meme

  • New Spider-Man man movie lookin’ good

  • 🔥🔥

  • Drunk twerking

  • *bisexual twerking*

  • This was fire

  • Ariana Grande😫

  • 2:35-3:19 is lit

  • Gay panic twerking

  • Sending location and twerking📲

  • the artistic vision

  • if i see one more *twerking* message in this comment section i'm going to LOOSE IT.

  • Que canción,Tan chimba🥴 Soy la unica que habla español,por acá?;(


  • I love the nod to Paul Anka

  • 𝐵𝑟𝑎𝑠𝑖𝑙?

  • 𝑡𝑝

  • *My ears cant describe the euphoria they feel when the beat hits*

  • She made it

  • 4:06 *gay thoughts intensifies*

  • Yo this fire🔥🔥🔥

  • I like to imagine myself pole dancing slowly on this song I-

  • Fucking slay

  • listening to this every day! I even made it my ringtone💋

  • Everything you do turns me all your work/music

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Damn mans got trapped by the *thirst*

  • dark twerking

  • *confused twerking*

  • 🛐

  • **twerking**

  • Poh mano acabei de ver a tradução dessa música e a letra é mó triste ksksks

  • The people who disliked need a hearing aid

  • Buddy mouthed "like me?" Simp a$$

  • doja only gets better and better

  • Je kiff le son

  • Shoutout to the producer for the fire beat !

  • this song has so much meaning for me.

  • *Violent twerking*

  • *sad twerking*

  • The beggining gave me the chills 💯

  • * minecraft ᵗʷᵉʳᵏⁱⁿᵍ *

  • Sees a siren🥺

  • * romantic twerking *

  • *twerking in traffic*

  • Really good concept

  • Is he a guy from Tenet?

  • *twerking slowly like a a bad bitch*

  • Yes the silhouette challengeeeee

  • gente, esse clipe é do babado. AMEI

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  • Black Ops 2 Vibes? 2:05 Nuke Town 3:50

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  • Bayılıyorum bu kadına

  • Mükemmel

  • 55 mn hadi

  • *why are we twerking twerking*

  • She has the silhouette challenge and it's hard to keep my cool congrats doja

  • Dəhşət🌠

  • The whole comment section: about different types of *_twerking_* 👀

  • y'all got me weak with these comments

  • Who ever produced this beat is the goat for real and I’m a producer myself

  • I like this kind of dark ghetto music.....its good....really good!!!!😃😃😃👍

  • 😘

  • *Breaking my spine twerking bc I have no ass 😔*

  • If anyone left after im done pressing charges have fun

  • His friends too

  • His mom is weirdo as well and they will call you on fake profiles and creep on you and tell you what your doing just so you know

  • Just so you know when it comes to bryan everyone else is wrong but he is majorly right and his mom wants him just so you know he be a mama bitch

  • Lol also to Bryan's new chic he has weight restrictions and even the way I look as of right now he is grossed out because I don't look like a man enough so just telling you if hes trying to use you as a cover 😉

  • I’d love to say *... twerking* but Idk how to twerk sooo 😐

  • Anywyas have fun with Mr. GRUMPY pants

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  • My grandma having a stroke 0:26

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