Eminem - Higher (Official Video) Explicit

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Eminem - Higher (Official Music Video)
Music video by Eminem performing Higher. © 2021 Marshall B. Mathers III, under exclusive license to Interscope Records


  • Every Mother Is Nice Except Mine

  • eminem is a beast

  • When caca

  • Chrona doesn’t hurt him, he hurts chrona,

  • Parts of this video reminds me of L.L.Cool.J’s “mama said knock you out.”

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯❤

  • Amazing.

  • bro this man will still be rapping better than any one when he hits 70

  • Siiii

  • I hear Where am i supposted to go from here? No aim Who els does? Bc that one hits hard

  • Thanks you 😊

  • Where does he come up with this. #RAPGOD

  • Lets go eminem

  • I love this dude !

  • eminem te amo

  • Only pissy tik tok girls and tasteless craps can even think of disliking this.

  • Is this eminem??

  • Oh yeah!! Keep that #higher knowledgebase simple Baby, I AM is praying for You! 🙌 Oh and Please pray for 🎶#Eminem🎶#Mathers🎶#people!🎶#Tunkasila 😍✝!🎶🎉🎉🎉the 😇-👑!🎶🎶🎶

  • Mama said knock you out

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  • Eminem > All.

  • Eminem will be the first lyrical-weight champion 🏆

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  • #ToysGetCrushed #TheWindowTheWallTheChair

  • I was listening to Eminem before it was a thing

  • Lyrics song quality much better than any other singers

  • Love the song just take Dana White off this.

  • Eventually Eminem went to bad music. Sad

  • Oh my God, if only I had enough balls to step out my garage/but first I got these dang caterpillars, and butterflies to dislodge/ Clarice, you still pissed off?it puts the lotion on’ , then it gets soft! / don’t look at me like that like my eyes crisscross/ Houston, I think we lift off.../ cuz I don’t know what’s higher? Me or Elon Musk with a finger up his butt...uhh just cough?!/ Space X marks the spot like who’s Blu man got lost!?/ word to Adolf, ...Captain Planet with no moss, is like saying G-strings on plumber’s asscracks don’t floss!?/ uhh, made yah blush uhh, don’t pause/ cuz if I stop now my train of thought just goes dot,dot,dot like Microsoft putting up charts/ -DavidvsGoliath

  • Since 2000 until now 2021

  • Don't care about hater , but his song can make you crazy and fired🤘

  • No one will EVER fuck the dictionary like Eminem does

  • Eminem is like a gta game after completing mission go to kill people

  • When you think about MOTIVATION it be always EMINEM (GOAT)

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  • BR?

  • It's funny but I kinda wanna here eminem do a chilled song, you know where he just raps without having to address all the clout, something too just chill too? I dunno..like just eminem doing a chilled out song, I think it could be good..??

  • eminem higher❤❤👍love it❤❤

  • The goat is here

  • 🐐♑

  • The godfather3Ei

  • I hope you would check out Ez Mil, and have a collab with him in the future :) ar-one.info/down/qXu3mNZmlLLD0qI/fydyw.html

  • Eminem:sing super fast and say thing with sense Me:nendmdmmsnejwmmsns

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  • How dare you talk about Mariah

  • its really so cool

  • I think everyone like me who watched EMINEM'S journey from clean shaved face to beard face.....

  • this came out one month to late!! I lost everything and this was true for me now I'm left fighting oh well its fun to fight. just know em i was that 5 year old at day care with my Walkman listening to your albums. I always had em in. just thinking about how I lost 90% of my profits but that wouldn't be 1% to a guy like this. my spell check didn't know em or Walkman I suggest you add them to your dictionary now because they are words.

  • A fckin legend

  • I want to say two things 1. Things 2. Things

  • The best lyrical rapper alive at present🙏

    • @Robert Germain II fine

    • @Reins Gaming I've been a fan since 2011

    • @Robert Germain II I know bro i am his fan since a long time

    • @Reins Gaming definitely spread the word if you like it there's a lot of music in the pipeline for this year! Stay tuned.

    • @Robert Germain II sure

  • < EPIC : HOLY : BANANAS.. 3

  • "Disappoinment for fans around the world" Eminem comes in Him: Oh shit oh no

  • Eminem is a far cry of who or what he used to be. Back in the early 2000s and mid 2000's but now he's just old and played now.

    • Stfu he is better now

  • Fire! 🔥🔥🔥 #OpenRobeRoad

  • Where is the lyrics guy??🙃

  • He does it again!!!! 🤩🔥 🤩🔥

  • ufc 257 brought me here

  • Tom MacDonald better

    • My dog rap better than Tom MacDonald

    • shut up

  • seria un sueño poder conocerte king of king!! q triste saber q jamas sucedera!

  • Em the Billy 🐐

  • Eminem proves that Age is just a Number🔥🤙🏻

  • Eminem, please give a heart

  • GOAT 🔥🔥

  • Yo you suck em you are not getting better

  • Eternal Greatness💯💯💯🍻🍻🍻

  • Help

  • ✌🏼💛

  • DAX or ME ive got lines burried all over like a squirrel even 20% the loot is more than i need let me hit the blunt that no one can keep up with my speed (ideology) cause I level is metaphysical, that allows me to sound clever and drop more bombs than Dresden, FUCK america i pack little erica in my heart and we are ready to leave so if you wanna, just follow me down the rabbit whole where i can be illogical tie a rope to my hand hold on so you dont get lost walk the wrong way and get your head cut off

  • Fantástic ✨🔥🔥🔥

  • Memphis rapper's destroy M

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  • Shame that you still ain't apologized to you're fans. Dissin them because of their political views. I've been a fan since I was 7. I'm 21 now, man. How tf could you treat us like this?!? "We're the ones who MADE you!!" So if that's how it is, then take you're communist beliefs and you're now trash music and shove it up you're a*$!!

  • He’s 42

  • I like your mushtash

  • Mans still gonna be still the booth when hes 70 and still pulling like 500million views 🤣🤣

  • Muito foda

  • My mentor

  • Eminem version of " Momma Said Knock You Out"!!!

  • So cool

  • Almost 50 still the best rapper

  • You.Em por qué odias alos Mexicanos, Si Nosotros te AMAMOS

  • the dude is getting younger ❤❤❤❤❤

  • I’m wowed Tom Brady was named the “G.O.A.T” but Eminem should have been named that lol tbh

  • Marshal is a goat . Fuck nick cannon 😂


  • Hands down the best in your time. A true legend of today..

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Like wine he gets better with time I wounder is he at one point changes to a new artist just like he did from slim shady to eminem.

  • World star EMINEM

  • People who say Eminem is overrated are just 😒🙄. Em is the GOAT 🐐 admit it.

  • Surprise surprise the king is back 💯🔥

  • if you ever think your dumb just think about the 12k people who disliked this

  • Told you I was the second coming of Jesus....bwah ha ha ha lol

  • Dang dog nice beard

  • He only raps good because he learned the alphabet. Otherwise you can't write music if you don't know how to read and write. What makes him different from everyone else though, is that only he can rhyme all letters in an alphabet. Eminem is an alphabetical genius. He can even rhyme letter "B" with "G". I tried to rhyme letters A with Z and I failed to rhyme alphabets on my first attempt. I never tried ever again.