Shahid Kapoor Interview 2019 | Kabir Singh Cast Interview | Shahid Kapoor & Kiara Advani

تم نشره في 2019/06/20
Watch Shahid Kapoor latest Interview 2019, enjoy this interesting conversation with Kabir Singh cast Shahid Kapoor & Kiara Advani with News18 Hindi.
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  • I love all the songs of kabir singh😍😘🤗❤

  • Kiara mam you are my fav 😘😘 actress

  • Why kiara don't like to speak in hindi?

  • Bhaii iss interviewer ko samajh nahi aaraha kya, kitna irritating hai

  • Or koch nahi shahid kapoor ko es anchor py tappp bahot charh rhi hai🤣

  • Shahid kapoor is like kya bakwass sawal pooch ra he

  • Kabir Singh is really nice

  • Such ma Kamal ke movie hai dono na bht acha Kam keya Dil ko lagi movie

  • Ye reporter Shahid ko baar baar irritate kar raha ha aur Kiara ko bhi ye realise ha. Anchor is very dominant.

  • O hello indian hoke english mat bolo

  • My fevtert kiara

  • Aakas R

  • Nic favorite Shahid karai super hit kabir sing moves

  • Shahid,best,actor

  • I wud love to see them together again n again😢😢😢😢❤❤❤❤❤


  • kiara a showpeice

  • shahid sir took it one sidedly

  • Waaw what a movie

  • Kabir Singh movie me hi shahid kapoor ka short name hai Sk

  • I really like Kiara, she looks a very nice and positive person. #NewFan

  • She sounds like deepika

  • Kiara I love u😘😘😘

  • Nic interview

  • Best chemistry

  • Kiara bohot pyara.

  • Outstanding movie👍

  • you are best actor shahid

  • Shahid is just like kya chutiyaapaa chal raha hai 😂😂.. Still in the kabir's charecter 😄

  • I love this movie very much. And shahid Kapoors acting is tooooooo good. Mujhe unki acting bohot aachi lagi. This is my favourite movie in this year

  • Very nice movie i like u

  • Fazool swal puchrha sae jwab dye shahid kapoor ny ❤❤

  • Love shahid kkpp...

  • 4:30. Shahid sir freezed🤣

  • No No No No

  • Acting Sirf shahid hai aur koi nhi krr skta Yeh rool kabir singh ka

  • No one can beat KABIR SINGH 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 THIS year

  • Acting skills of Shahid is awesome

  • Kabir Singh ,Shahid luv u

  • My favourite movie of 2019 is kabir singh

  • Fantastic film... Great acting... But this interviewer, well im in sympathy with shahid. Total boredom

  • Mast marketing

  • I am From Bangladesh. I love you shahid kapoor.

  • my fvtr movie

  • Hum 10 bar dekalia sir.😊😊😊😊😊22

  • Sir osm movie ,😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • I was just laughing while..changing shahid's face expression..

  • It's my favourite move, I loved it ❤️❤️

  • Nice movie

  • Superb

  • Shahid ko preshan kar diya.. But Rock acting by him.. Love you shahid

  • KaiRa is alwys simple❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • they should do one more movies

  • Kiaraaaa lvvvv uuuuu

  • I desire to marry you Kiera Jaanu

  • Host is so foolish.... question are just shit

  • Nice movie sir and so beautiful movie and my favorite. Sir my cantry is Pakistan and my name is Obaid khan..

  • Good movie

  • Such a vulgar movie, not goes in Indian Sanskriti

  • Shahid looks so cool...

  • Ye interview me kitne boring questions krte ho yaar sahid Kapoor pehle se hi boring ho gya

  • Beautiful movie But pyr me pgl tbhi hota h Jb ek dusre se dil se pyr ho Aur koi is pyr ko agree n kr rha ho

  • Kiara +Mahesh Babu should marry

  • i like it kabir .so nic

  • The most decent interviewer.It was very pleasent to hear his voice.Needs more experience.

  • Is he mad or something. So stupid interviewer. Idiot

  • Best movie this time and best acting for both

  • Mujhe film ka wo seen achha laga jab dono fir se milte hai ye bataat hai ki love is blind

  • Interview bhaii kaisa tha haadd hai sala

  • Awesome movie

  • Shahid looks super irritated

  • Nice movie

  • Great movie

  • Best love story film of the year 2018.

  • I like Kabir Singh movei 😘😘😘😘

  • Shahid is somewhere else..and interviewer is chutiya

  • l loved it.Its really very nice movie.I loved the way kabir love prety.Kaira you looked so beautiful

  • Blockbuster Hero, Shahid Kapoor

  • Wonderful movie n wonderfully acted by shahid n kiaara n all other side characters....maza aa gaya dekhkar....bas kabir singh ke gaane hi gunguna rahi hun aajkal

    • Why Aamir Khan is more Dangerous than Zakir Naik? Aamir is a very intelligent operator. Unlike Salman Khan or Shah Rukh Khan, he played it very well from the beginning. He made super-patriotic movies like Sarfarosh, Lagaan and Mangal Pandey. and gained the acceptance and trust of patriotic Indians.Then he surreptitiously and subtly started inserting his agenda into his movies.Take the example of Rang De Basanti. Everyone who saw it hated George Fernandes and BJP govt. for making a quick buck with corruption in Defence deals.This is exactly what Sonia Gandhi tried to prove with Tehelka scam using likes of Tarun Tejpal. And who knows how much ISI would have loved to see the people who defeated them in Kargil War getting maligned in their own country as corrupt people who made money in soldiers coffins. Aamir then started peddling his anti-Hindu agenda in his sob story Satyameva Jayate. Almost all the money he collected for NGOs through that series went to his pet NGOs working for 'uslims, or on anti-India agenda. There was not a single episode where Aamir showed social evils in Islamic society. He didn’t make any episode on burqa or triple talaq or polygamy or halala. or atleast on how teenage girls are sold to old Arabs in mutha marriages (temporary marriages) in Hyderabad. Not a single episode on social evils in his own religion. Satyamev Jayate was the biggest hit job on India and its culture. He hit everything in India - from doctors to scientists to water to air to everyone. And we clapped for it rather than getting angry over it. His carefully-crafted image was so high then that we never doubted his intentions.Then came PK, the worst Hinduphobic movie ever made. We Hindus laughed at the jokes made on our own Gods. We shed tears for Pakistani guy who is in love with a Hindu girl. Then he started his political statement by claiming his wife is afraid to stay in India after Narendra Modi became PM. Aamir was criticised and, infact, Snapdeal was the biggest loser as Indians uninstalled it. But his movies still made money. Thanks to the majority Hindu population who continued to be insensitive and even stupid not to see Aamir’s agenda against Hinduism. Now, in his new avatar, Aamir met Turkish dictator with a lot of pomp and show. He could have done it clandestinely. Why is he making such a spectacle out of it? Is he sending a message to his followers that Turkey is the new boss and we need to follow it? Or trying to beat his co-superstars Salman and Shah Rukh in reaching out to the Caliphate? We don’t know what his agenda is. But one thing is certain. Don’t take him at his face value. He is a bigger danger than all other M00slim stars of Bollywood. #Boycott_Bollywood

  • Super movie and super love story

  • Superb movi

  • I like Kabir Singh movie and I saw 5 times in theatre so so so so nice go for it

  • Really super excited and happy and energetic movie love you shahid and kiaara

  • Yr aap media wale bekaar ke sawaal krte ho kisi ki film ke bre jaan ke lye aap pta nhi faltu ke bakwas sawal jajab kerte na jika sir hota hai na per hota very bad Anchar

  • Superb movie...With different way of love that kabir-preeti did And best part of this movie is... Perfect ending

  • Shahid looking age of 28 29 😘

  • Kiara mam is rong here because she said every one is go through love and heart broken one's in life no because the biggest example front of him he is far away of it . I recommend him to love someone first n then see the movie. Thank u

  • Naaays!! Let’s support each other🤗

  • Shahid 's love song

  • What u can expect more than what Kabir singh displays in the movie. It's a really awesome movie.

  • Shahid you rock

  • Really sahid Kapoor look cute really

  • Bahutttttttttttttt aaachi movie hhhh kabir Singh great movie hhhhhhh yrrrrrrr

  • Sahid kapoor ka mood kyu kharab ker rahe hu yr

  • Kiara is looking gorgeous and beautiful

  • Shahid is super star

  • sahid

  • 'Shahid Kapoor' ko laga hoga, ki yarr mein kaha phas geya?! Etna behuda sawal...chiiii Yaar tum news wale aise chu**ya panti naa hi karo to aacha hai.

  • Nyc

  • Shahid b soch rhaa hogaa kha aagya