HDR 8k Best Of 2020 Full Dolby Vision

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Amazing combination of 12k sensor and one of the sharpest lens in the world Zeiss Otus in addition of HDR brings image to life!
4k Drone Stock Footage
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Technical Specs:
Camera: Ursa Mini Pro 12k
Resolution: 12,288 x 6480
Blackmagic RAW Constant Bitrate 12:1
ISO 400-3200
Zeiss Otus 55mm f1.4
Tokina 100mm makro t2.8
Venus Optics Laowa 24mm Probe Lens
Edelcrone SliderOne V2
Edelkrone Headone
Apurture 300D Mark II
Video Editing Software:
HDR Display:
Music by: Tony Anderson
HDR Playlist:
What is HDR video? artvision.camera/blog/2021/1/4/what-is-hdr-video


  • Subscribe to support this channel! Amazing HDR video ar-one.info/down/jWnaaJVzmJamp9g/fydyw.html Video was shot in 12k resolution and mastered in 8k PQ ST2084 tone mapped in Dolby Vision As of now AR-one does Not support Dolby Vision. Title is based on the way video was originally shot and mastered. Dolby Vision version available for licensing only.

  • Watching on s21ultra looks stunning

  • That video is a complete failure. It showed me that I really don't need 8k, HDR, etc. It just looked gorgeous on my old full hd display. What really matters is source quality. So thanks, safed me a lot of money. I'll just stick to what I've got.

    • 🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻 I glad that you liked this video, but it’s complete nonsense, you should watch this video at least in 4K HDR in order to understand what’s HDR is.

  • They really love that water spray bottle

  • Just see this video on amoled display..just wow

  • ...Directed by Christopher Nolan

  • Nice video, but it only plays in hdr on my tv, it doesn't say Dolby Vision

  • Watching this on a 12 pro max, fuck I need an OLED tv. Absolutely staggering.

  • маркетинг - не победить

  • Does anyone see weird square gridlike patterns in the dark parts of the scene? Testing HDR/WCG in 10 bit color.

  • whats the point of HDR if the only use is switching it on to watch Dolby videos on youtube.... what games even support it. what actual movies use it???

    • Yt dosent support dolby vision.Netflix is one of the apps that support hdr .One example of hdr game is pubg mobile.

  • Unbelievable ... in 4K ... so I imagine hardly more I wonder if the salesmen in the store would accept to do the test with your video...

    • Ik I just watched this on my phone and for the first time ever I see 2160p hdr I was like wthhh

  • Watched the video on an OLED LG CX, and the results were majestic.

    • @Steven Rodriguez I watched it on my PC so I wouldn't know. When I watched the new Justice League on HBO Max, a "Dolby Vision" badge shown up on the top right corner of my screen. I was impressed with that movie and the stunning visual quality of Dolby Vision.

    • @Steven Rodriguez no. It’s HDR10

    • same, technically not Dolby vision though right? It didn’t switch to DV for me

  • 4k video class 👍😂😂😂


  • 8k for what? in much countries in europe you dont get a 8k signal for local television, but okay for the brainwashed people. 8k for pictures or some few vids, wooooooooow. 4k is in much countries not standart, so there is the problem. in 5 years there is a 20k television to buy, but no signal only pics. hhhhhhhhh what a joke, come on people

  • So amazing

  • Watching this on my brand new iPhone 12 pro Max navyblue in 4k dolby vision is stunning, eventough my revolution 2640 by 1280 or something like that....

  • I don't know if it was just me, but I couldn't follow the plot at all!

  • 每一帧都是壁纸

  • A visually Mater Piece.

  • it's only HDR not Dolby Vision

  • the last thing i watched before my wifi overheats

    • Lmao!

    • I love you

  • Ha! So vivid, relaxing and serene... ad popped up and totally jarred me as I was pulled out of my immersion. Great stuff Eugene! :)

  • Thank you for proving to me just how incredible the picture quality is on my Sony A8H. 😊😁 Unreal Im so happy I got this TV. Not 100% a perfect TV, but my goodness it is spectacular to watch content on it every day.

  • very "The Fountain"-style music queues

  • If true 8k hdr video how a big file guys!

  • This video is such a gorgeous piece of art that sometimes I even wanted to cry.

  • Perfect on a iPhone 12 pro Max 👌

  • Very beautiful! 🍀😀👍*

  • Is this really Dolby Vision ? I thougt youtube doesn't support Dolby Vision ?

  • 推薦的視頻都值得一看,但因Google Transate拒絕翻譯成繁體中文,致使不動標題意思,尤其是轉傳分享。能夠轉傳分享,不是可以提高廣告能見度。惠請鑒察!

  • Impressive results on LG HDR 43

  • This soo relaxing nd satisfying

  • wow! amazing!

  • what kind of file did you upload to youtube?

  • This video is click bait. This is not in Dolby Vision......oh wait 😉

    • Cannot wait until AR-one supports Dolby Vision.

  • 2:30 song is giving me "The Last Samurai" vibes

  • AR-one isn't capable of dolby vision.

  • How many more K to go before we move on to L.

  • what kind of light modifiers are being used on the 300d?

  • Super

  • Great Work 👍👍👍 ( i look on my new beamer of 100 " screen )

  • 2030: shot on iPhone

  • Watching it in 240p

  • I just got my 82inch 8K TV it looked so badasss on the 82inch

  • I subscribed to your channel bro. I love the music u need to have only the audio video that would be so cool.

  • Thank u for this 😎

  • Watching from my 4K monitor is already spectacular. Can't imagine how 8K looks like.

    • Looks great on my 720p too.

    • @ARMORED LP IPS panel

    • is it even a va panel?

    • Hey nature or relax lover.... check out this channel too....here is some content for you 😊😊😊

    • Thanks 🙏

  • fun fact i watch this on a 24 in tn manel with the brightness turned down to 37% and blacks are black and colourss are vibrant and i see no colour clipping despite the 8 bit panel. So wtf is HDR really?

  • This looks absolutely outstanding on my Hisense H8G

  • 1 min silence for who watching this video in 144p

  • Pouring the red wine like me Friday afternoon coming home from work.

  • Beautiful

  • watching it on my Lenovo 5 pi with Dolby Vision On. Truly doing justice to the HDR quality.

  • 8k

  • Watching only 360p (LOL)😂

  • You are my go to channel when I need to clear my head , thank you !!!!! No 1 4K 8K channel on AR-one

  • Just WOW !

  • What’s the point of this video? 8k and Dolby Vision?

    • Watching on my LG BX and wondering what's not to get, its mind blowing.

  • Well, the development of video resolution quality available for TV screens during only a short period of time is jaw dropping, don’t you agree?

  • It's too beautiful and amazing video!

  • Не впечатляет

  • can you list the music? Thanks

  • The best HDR channel on AR-one. The video quality, the sound, the bgm.

    • Hey nature or relax lover.... check out this channel too....here is some content for you 😊😊😊

    • Thanks appreciate it!!!

  • He-he. Slow action, ideal lighting... Usual marketing footage

    • And? Even with faster content, and less than ideal lighting, 8k is still 4 times sharper than 4K. Arguably, without good lighting, the difference with be more. Good lighting can close the gap between 1080p and 4K, bad lighting exacerbates the differences.

  • Спасибо вам, за качественный контент. Давно на вас подписан, и видимо не зря

  • The consistency of amazing quality videos to make my mouth water on my OLED I love it!

  • Incredible work! Each new video you post is better than the last! Curious, have you strayed from your gear setup since your first or do you keep to the minimal but effective one you list under your videos? Do you have more than one aputure 300d? Thx and have a great weekend! :D

    • @Eugene Belsky Super. Thx for sharing the Aputure info and have a great weekend!

    • Thank you!!! Gear I use I listed in the discretion, I own 3 aputure 300d and 1 300 x usually I use 2-4 lights. Have a great weekend

  • Epic


  • Thanks Eugene :)

  • Just... WOW

  • ❤️👌🔥

  • Love this...thanks

  • Wow

  • Noise