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Former soldier Shamanov arrives to a small town to meet his old friend but accidentally finds out that the locals live in fear for their lives. He can’t stand apart and decides to oppose the vicious authorities of the town…
Vladimir Epifantсev, Anastasiya Vedenskaya, Pavel Klimov, Sergey Veksler, Ivan Krasko, Sergey Badyuk
Directed by: Aleksandr Anshutz
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  • How I choose my movies in AR-one? by reading the comments.. thanx for the comments and the upload 🇫🇯🇫🇯

  • Finally i should be there for her😟😟😤😤

  • Too bad that these are only movies and acting scenes

  • It was really awesome...thanks allot....🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻⚘⚘⚘

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  • nindota aning saledaha da

  • Wowww Waiting part two

  • فلم اقل من المتوسط وهو يسوق للحكومة الروسية بأن عميل واحد قادر على ان يقضي على الفساد فكيف بجهاز كامل وخصوصن بان العميل لا يستخدم الى السلاح الابيض وهذا فيه اشاره الى ان هذا الجهاز يحسن فن الاغتيال بطرق متنوعه . ومن يعرف الاتحاد السوفيتي يعلم بأنهم قادرين على ان يعودو الى سابق امجادهم هذا رائي عن الفلم

  • reminds me of First Blood

  • this movie nothing different like a first blood of Rambo.. copied

  • Locky Me I lern Russian in St Petersburg years ago! , thank you for the Move , Henry .

  • فلم رائع احببته

  • Gap yuq

  • What's the name of this movie?

  • movi kassi hye yar

  • Bagus

  • Кремень

  • Best

  • Russian movies are best

  • Damn it he's HOTTTTT !!

  • Best Movie 👍 Please like and Follow my new Chanel Thank You

  • After a long time i have been watched such an epic movie.

  • Good film...

  • Is this the copy of Rambo first blood

  • Exallent movie. Nice story Very good acting,so aLL of you thanks.

  • Nice movie

  • Great movie love it

  • Sort of similar to rambo first blood

  • Awesome series.

  • I've watch this because it has 5.6 million views

  • nice movie watch from the phillipines ❤️

  • Love from INDIA One thing i notice y all over the worl cops r corrupted 🤔

  • Love from INDIA Rambo 2 But ur different nd awesome NOW ur best

  • He looks tough and is tough!!!

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  • Nice movie last night i'm sleepy but steel wacthing

  • Read comments first Oh very good. Recommended movie

  • Rambovski

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  • You Russians sure can drag out a movie, ridiculous! Every simple 5 min scene is 15 min long, waste of time!

    • Well, yes, where are the Russians to your fairy tales))) In each of your films, America saves, but in real life - KILLS PEOPLE AND SPONSORS TERRORISM!

  • Great movie. Where is the coming back of Shaman part of the movie. he is coming back to this town.

  • Filimka waa saxdii ninkaa raashyanka ab

  • adopting the John Rambo version of the Firt Blood 1 film aka Silvester Stallone

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  • good story,so viewer very much

  • syiok!!!

  • Niru Rambo gning

  • Shamanov

  • മലയാളികൾ ആരെങ്കിലും ഉണ്ടോ 🥰🥰

  • This is gorkhali khukuri 🇳🇵jai nepal

  • ust fantastic . It keeps me awake even when I feel tired and sleepy.

  • 😂 я не понял что за фильм

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  • Rambo first

  • I am very proud feeling.becoz of hero use weapon.. name is khukuri..made in nepal

  • I'm from indonesia..this good movies..👏👏👏..👍👍👍..🙏🙏🙏

  • yes, this Russian's Rambo. But I like this version

  • Ошибка через минуту 2:40:25😄

  • Rambo..

  • wow!!!!!! great !!!!!! i like it !!!!!!!!

  • what is the movie name

  • I love Nepali knife.jai gorkha.. and. jai this video and all actor's

  • Erminson

  • Russian Rambo ****

  • Example of 1 boxing 2 hospital 😂

  • I enjoy watching this movie,its amazing and superv,the guy is so smart ,.

  • Subtitel...indonesia

  • نريد الترجمة

  • What a beautiful movie

  • It really proud to see nepali national knife in Hollywood Love from nepal 🇳🇵 Great movie I really enjoyed ☺

    • As it was a gift, it implies that he served with and or was good friends with a Gurkha. This the supreme skills as a Gurkha.

  • love the movie, respect to all actors, a real heads up to future politicians, have a thought for your aunties elyyou fucking pricks, sorry for the naughty words you pricks, anyway great movie you lovely wonderful producers and directors, ps dont expect putin to shave his chest, w

  • TY. /

  • Awsome my Brothers and Sisters, never back from the corrupt system, fight the good fight, the corrupt corporations will always try and knock you down, if we fight together we will kick their hairy arses, work in action people to bring back real power to the peoplle

  • Nice movie❤️😍

  • Wow

  • Thank you, a Great action movie and story.

  • What f..ck this is Rambo first blood .anyway I enjoy it tthankq

  • C'est un film extraordinaire j'aime beaucoup cet acteur

  • Typical Russian Movies, they are very good! There was a movie which a ?? Company?? sorry don't know the numbers of men? The one actor he is a big gent an officer. He played in a military police show? Anyone know what the show/series is? Would like to finish watching it. Thanks. Would be good to have english translations.

  • Nice movie thanks

  • I did not like the acting or the role the gave to Natsya. Not a good role or not a good actress.

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  • This movie is the fact what happen in real life, mostly police doing something bad

  • شو اسم الفلم

  • much better than rambo ha ha, I realy enjoied the movie eventhow was3 hours a bit too long

  • Very good movie..wow..salute to that young private police .he did his job very well and arrest his major

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  • Could you provide me the playlist of songs he carries on his MP3 player? I miss all this action and adrenalin when I go to the city... may be I'm listening to the wrong songs

  • Nice movie. russian women beautiful

  • Might have been a good movie but some shit head thinks there should be an ad every five minutes.

  • Septnaz, spécialiste de la pénétration en zone ennemie

  • Ils nous en faut un comme lui au Québec, un véritable héros., pas un bourré aux amphétamines

  • Wow very nice movie

  • Ces russes, des hommes d’une force incroyable

  • Kopija Ranba, bass glupo snimljenjo..👎👎

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  • Ça c'est du film. Même si je comprends pas russe c'est très attractif comme film

  • Just can't fault it. Brilliant. Pity I don't speak Russian.

  • Шаману в конце осталось только произнести: I'll be back!