Solo Laila (Full Song) Ipsitaa | Tanishk Bagchi, Vayu | T-Series

تم نشره في 2021/02/19
T-Series presents "Solo Laila"; a brand new song in the voice of “Ipsitaa". The lyrics of the new song are penned by Vayu; music by Tanishk Bagchi. The video is directed by Viraf Sarkari & Sabreena Sarkari.
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Song - Solo Laila
Singer - Ipsitaa
Music - Tanishk Bagchi
Programmed and Arranged - Tanishk Bagchi
Lyrics - Vayu
Director: Viraf Sarkari & Sabreena Sarkari
Additional Programming - Ganesh Waghela
Music Production Coordinator - Chayan Rio Ghosh
Project by - Katalyst Entertainment Pvt. Ltd
Produced By - Andre Timmins, Viraf Sarkari & Sabbas Joseph
Music Label: T-Series
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Duniya toh purani hai,
Meri nayi kahani hai,
Mere taur-tariqe, tewar dekh ke,
Sabko hayrani hai,
Ishq se main toh free,
Milta rona-dhona,
Khud se mohabbat ki,
Kisi aur ka kyon hona,
Oooo ooo oo,
Ghar le jaa pyaar ka thaila,
Oooo ooo oo,
I'm flying solo laila,
Oooo ooo oo,
Ghar le jaa pyaar ka thaila,
Oooo ooo oo,
I'm flying solo laila!
Solo laila!
Solo laila!
Dil yeh mera safe yahaan hai,
Duniya mein sukooon kahaan hai?
Main toh hoon apni dhun mein,
Mera ismein kya hai kusoor?
Meri toh yeh trip hi alag hai,
Na daaru na koi drug hai,
Jahaan jaaon khushi le aaoon,
Mujh mein behta mera suroor,
Ishq se main toh free,
Milta rona-dhona,
Khud se mohabbat ki,
Kisi aur ka kyon hona,
Oooo ooo oo,
Ghar le jaa pyaar ka thaila,
Oooo ooo oo,
I'm flying solo laila,
Oooo ooo oo,
Ghar le jaa pyaar ka thaila,
Oooo ooo oo,
I'm flying solo laila!
Solo laila!
Solo laila!


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  • Katy Perry.

  • I like it the line 'Meri Toh Trip Hi Alag Hai Na Daaru Na Koyi Drug Hai Jahan Jaun Khushiyan Aaun Mujh Mein Behta Mera Suroor' People Nowadays link alcohol, drugs with enjoying life as a single which is wrong. I like it that they can show single happiness in loving yourself and not enjoying daru.. Good message.

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  • Ipsita Khullar is daughter of rajesh khullar senior I.A.S. principal secretary to chief minster of haryana.

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  • If this is the kind of feminism that's being promoted then it sucks . If you didn't even want to marry then y did u even take him upto the isle and then degrade his social status and confidence in the name of your freedom? Why is woman empowerment (as portreyed) always linked with degrading men? Why women empowerment actually has to be dependent upon men?

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