ATEEZ(에이티즈) - ‘불놀이야 (I'm The One)’ Official MV

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Release Date: 2021. 3. 1. 6PM (KST)
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#ATEEZ #에이티즈 #FEVER_Part_2


  • aaaa im abt to faint this is so good TT

  • 2020 was a bad year to everyone,, but Ateez saved me.. their Musics and whole existence gave me a good memory in all those bad situations...

  • Where is mingi?

    • Mingi is on a health break due to anxiety since 15th November 2020. Hope he returns soon....

  • fighting atinys! choices are here to help you str3am fireworks and kd performance. we all voted for ateez on all our whosf4n accounts, too!

  • Saranghae...MINGI-AH!

  • I love you mingi 😍😍

  • 228

  • Thank you so much to all Atiny that help Choice to str3am! #ChoicexAtiny

  • Atiny go to Say my name MV just need 100k to reach it to 49 million Fighting ♡♡

  • Hangi şerefsiz beni buraya getirdi mingi'min sesini duydum aglıomm

  • Selam demeyin canım salam çekiyo

  • selamunaleykum asklar

  • 224,693


  • Bad song from flops nugus, ateez will never win kingdom, stop wasting ur time and stan skz for the win!

    • @gena melodyl I love your positivity, fam....! This is a great answer...

    • @Kimot _ yes even 1 v1ews means a lot to us, don't worry abt stre4ming, I'm happy that you find happiness in something and I hope your fav group become even more successful.

    • @Jaffet Hervas These type of people can just daydream.... They got no common sense. Lol. (#iamproudatiny , btw, our standard is pretty high. We ain't gonna curse anyone, even our biggest competitors.)

    • imagine taking your time to search ateez up and say something that will never even bother their career. Just keep on hating while ateez is becoming succesful day by day.

    • @Kimot _ see... How insecure you are! I can just pity your standard... Ha!

  • burdakı 25m kıngdom performnsını ızlese yeterdı mk

  • Ateez make my day better:)

  • Ateez best group 사랑해요 ♡

  • Fuegos artificiales!!

  • Love u Ateez

  • Bulnoriyaa oh nana think about that ~

  • Here and there :)

  • A stream¡ng playlist check ☑️

    • @San woomy ah ok

    • @Fatima Ayoub i mean you can but when use them when you can't manually. And there are rules too for playlists str3amin so be careful. Usually it is avoided in first couple of days after releasing a video.

    • @Fatima Ayoub idk who's the fool that said that but that's absolutely wrong, stream¡ng playlist are very helpful for stream¡ng

    • But they said not to stream using playlists

  • Look at these drunk fools hit really hard lol

  • I feel pity for whoever missing this

  • 221,411

  • Come back from school : ATEEZ time !!!!

  • The masked guy from answer in the end is here.

    • yeah with a different costume lol

  • Good morning besties :) hi BULNORIYA :)

  • Still here, thank you for the support to Down

  • Great l love ateez ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😘

  • This song stuck in my head when i was doing my exam lol

  • Ĺ⁰llĺ00000000000000lllllĺ000

  • 25.5M let's gooo : )

  • I'm the one in my zone~

  • still here #choicexatiny

  • Thank you Atiny for supporting A.C.E's Down MV!


  • ateez kings


  • Fireworks no se supera, se disfruta 🥰


  • Atiny no se rindan necesitamos sus 30 millones en este mv

  • CAN YOU HEAR ME!!!!!!! T H E Y D E S E R V E S M O O O R R E E E E!!!!!!!



    • They deserve less wbk

  • Choice here!! We're still str3aming! Fighting Atinys! #ChoiceXAtiny

  • Elf de volviendo el apollo a #superjunior #HouseParty Tarde pero seguro,oye muy guapos todos

    • Pues piensalo si no te quieres quedar jaja ok no sabía de esto pero ya voy a hacer stream ahí corro

    • Gracias elf! ♡

  • Elf presente

  • come to answer for 60mil while you stre4m!

  • La rap line me encanta ♡_♡

  • Vine a llorarle al cabellito rojo de Jongho :"3

  • Aquí una ELF haciendo stream gracias por el apoyo a House Party

    • Igualmente gracias por el apoyo ♡

  • ELF devolviendo el apoyo a house party de super junior. Por cierto esta canción está buenísima, los chicos son demasiado talentosos. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • Aqui VAMPZ apoyando... Fighting..!!!

    • @Adriz Sanchez Esta bien ahorita voy para allá:)

    • @Janet Viveros hola linda, el grupo es VAV y esta es una muy linda alianza 3x3 Nosotras pedimos su apoyo para los temas: ¬ Poison ¬ Made For Two ¬ Give Me More Los tres mv del canal oficial "A team" please. Nosotras estamos apoyando "Wonderland mv, presentacion Kingdom y I'm the one.

    • Hola como se llama tu grupo perdón es que no se, para apoyar y que canción y gracias por el apoyo :)

  • Day 49 - Someone asked ateez to describe mingi to new Atinys who don't know him well and Hongjoong said "our mingi, is a very cute friend. If you listen a lot of ATEEZ songs, he has an impactful voice, good at rapping and he’s cuter than anything else! :') no y'all because I have been crying since I saw that. Mingi, I hope you are doing well little buddy and I can't wait for your return !!

  • Woow quede

  • 200,661

  • Atiny make sure you go str3@m their kingdom performance please. It's the one that says Wonderland Symphony No.9 make sure it's the full version with all the members as the thumbnail. We currently have 2.7m but our goal today is 3M vi3ws please go str3@m it thank you!

  • Elf. Volvi

  • Yo le digo elfos. Jaja

  • Que bueno Melo paso mi hermana que es elf

  • No sabía a que canción apoyar, por fin me lo aclararon, está buenísima la recomendación ☆☆☆ provoca bailar. ELF presente

    • @Shary ELF jajaja naa no me digas ahi voy a comentar

    • @Shary ELF sí, gracias

    • @Pukca Aty cuando pases por house party por favor pon a que video debemos ir, gracias ;)

    • @maribel morales también estoy ahí, ayúdame poniendo en el MV de house party a que video ir, muchas se están confundiendo con el fandom de Tini.

    • @Pukca Aty dale me voy seguir pasando por ahi

  • ateez gracias por tremendo arte

  • le voy a pasar el link a mi hermana seguro le va a gustar

  • Aquí ELF apoyando !!

  • volvi por este temazo. saluda elf

    • Muchas gracias por el apoyo

    • Otra ELF por acá

  • 3:07 this Seonghwa is cultural reset

  • SEONGHWA EN ESTE MV>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  • dont stop me now, dont stop me now eh

  • atinys, let's str3@m thier kingdom performance to reach 3M today :))))

  • Bulnoriya ~~

  • I'm a Stay but I can't deny that these guys are extremely talented, came here after watching them in Kingdom, I find the guy on 0:17 really cute and his voice is just wow!

  • ATEEZ a demás de ganar premios en Shows Musicales, debería de ganar un Óscar con tremenda obra de teatro que nos dieron en 'Kingdom' Pd: Str34m a el stage de Kingdom plis ^^

  • Seonghwa: Im The One In My Zone Also ATEEZ: esa frase casi le da un Óscar ;)


  • i love this song

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  • elf presente. ay este tema me encanta

    • Gracias elf por el apoyo y tambien puedes escuchar sus demas mv como inception, answer, wave, wonderland, etc :))

  • Fans de A.C.E muchas gracias por apoyarnos entre fandoms es mejor y demostremos que somos fandom poderosos ¡FIGHTING! Y mucha suerte a todos los demás fandoms que nos visitan por acá ^^

  • 30M soon💪

  • Tenían la razón que pueden incendiar todo , como q siento fuegos artificiales dentro de mi son tan perfectos .

  • 187,036

  • Yeah keep going

  • 25.184.371

  • :)


  • : )

  • Vampz apoyando a atiny como quedamos, gracias :3

  • Who's still here everyday? 👀

  • ATEEZ creates nothing but masterpieces.

  • I'm the one in my zone. The others are peeking :)

  • check out their kd wonderland performance!

  • ateez best song

  • 172,309

  • Vamos por 1M de Likes! Estamos cerquita, VAMOS ATINYS!

  • Choice checking in to thank Atiny for supporting A.C.E and to listen to this bangin’ song again. STILL FIGHTING!!

    • Thank you for your support to ateez. We will support you too, guys.

  • Did they have any win for this song or not ?

    • Just 1 win on The Show.