Dodge Durango Hellcat vs Lamborghini Urus vs Jeep Trackhawk // DRAG & ROLL RACE

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These are the three most powerful gas-only powered SUVs that you can buy and today they’re at the Throttle House Track test for a Drag race. The 2021 Durango Hellcat ($115,700 CAD, $81,000 USD) Lamborghini Urus ($300,000 CAD as specced) and the Jeep Trackhawk ($104,659 CAD, $88,365 USD). Will the cheese-eating American SUVs stand a chance against the raging bull from Italy? Things don't always go as predicted!! Watch to find out! SUBSCRIBE!!!
A massive thank you to the legend @Vanity.JW for lending us his Urus
& to @Gabe.Calandrino for his Trackhawk!!
And to Steve, who is a king among men.
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Drone Flying by @Remotecontrolkev
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  • Jeep

  • Lamb ain’t got enough power

  • Urus need a better drive. Have to spool up those turbos

  • Thought Durango come in last...

  • Dodge is the best value for the 🐎horsepower, and price, it is the cheapest one of the three a well made suv for sure 💯. This is a prime example that just because a product/ or a car is more expensive doesn't make it better all around 😜 sorry not sorry 🐑 lamborghini 😜💸

  • Lamborghini is quietly saying to its self- I shouldn’t have helped dodge with the viper in the early nineties. We showed them too much

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  • 𝕄𝕪 𝟙𝟘𝟘𝕥𝕙 𝕤𝕦𝕓𝕤𝕔𝕣𝕚𝕓𝕖 𝕨𝕚𝕝 𝕘𝕖𝕥 𝕒 $𝟙𝟘𝟘 :)

  • Just wanted to point out this is why I'm never gonna own anything other than american

  • You can buy a Hellcat, Trackhawk, & Durango for the price of the Urus lol

  • It’s all about who gets the best reaction at the start.

  • Drag racing huh? i was just picking up the kiddos from soccer practice

  • Its funny the first two races niether is even paying attention to the lambo lol. But lets still give the lambo another win cause it'll still make the panties or boxers drop over the mopars.

  • I will buy one of each of them

  • Race these against the TRX

  • Urus Italian [Laughs in German]

  • X5m tuned?

  • The fucking video, I mean Lambor is so bad???

  • How much Durango costs in states?

  • Just stick a corner into the mix. Watch both yank cars go straight off.

  • Lamborghini is too overpriced... It’s all about status

  • Update guys since Dodge is having such high demand for the Durango they have increased production numbers

  • Where’s the fuxking race

  • Dodge gonna put a hellcat engine in all their vehicles before all vehicles have to be electric

  • Take a lap on lacuna seca and look what car is the better between those washing machine

  • Amazing

  • The folks at lambo should prob hang their heads in shame

  • urus biggest let down ever

  • Durango style? In mexico its Duranguense

  • can you test them with BMW X6M competition

  • Track hawk with no supercharger, dissapointing 😭

  • So sick, that Durango has made it tough to stick w my trackhawk aspirations for next month!

  • Most badass suvs in tve World Durango hellcat 😈 Cherokee track Hawk 😈 Lamborghimi urus 😛💦

  • Lol that keep is fast sorry Lamborghini

  • Love seeing the Durango kick ass.

  • Dodge should just put a hellcat engine in every vehicle in their lineup lmao

  • 2 reasons you don't need a Urus

  • Moral of the story... Buy a fca or two and buy some XRP with the rest.

  • Everybody hatin on dodge just give em they props man smh 😂 we dont care abt a 700+ hp boat the shit just beat a lambo lol

  • I own a track hawk , I haven’t had a chance to catch a darango on the street yet ... but I’ve played with that lambo ... it got spanked , a made a guy in a C8 turn off in embarrassment. I don’t think people understand until you have seat time in one. Great upload.

  • Durango weight is a plus with all that TQ, plus a lillte lower in the rpm range...that why it gets out and stays, damn near same power as Track Hawk but better launch

  • The Lambo is also for rich Italian women from Woodbridge lets be honest. Doesn't need to be fast to look like you're 15 years younger than you actually are.

  • Usa💙🇺🇸💙💪🏻

  • The guys reaction 😂😂😂😂 6:21

  • That’s fucked up that you guys left the Asian guy out of the conversation 😐. That’s kinda odd. Oh and please never say booty ever in your life again. Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ very corny

  • Wow I like the dodge

  • Damn lamp truck is just there like :/ I’m not the part of the fam

  • Perhaps the track hawk is heavier hense the slight performance difference between the Durango ?

  • Wife: We don't need a sport's car, we have a family. Husband: Anything for you wifey! Dodge Durango: I got your back my man!!

  • Would have putting the urus in sport mode changed anything lol???

  • American Muscle

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  • This video was a hell of a lot of fun to watch. Especially as a Trackhawk owner. I love that thing.

  • Urus was out of the question... Main focus were Durango and Track Hawk...


  • people don’t listen been saying it for years DODGE does it BEST

  • I think it’s the driver

  • People are crapping on the dodges for not having the same quality as a car that is well over double the price.. let that sink in, and once it does go ahead and rewind the video and watch the Lamborghini get spanked again.

  • The Urus is out of the conversation :))))))))))

  • Mopar for the win !!

  • It's sad to see such a majestic Italian beast look like a little cub against American, affordable SUV's

  • The screams of those Kitty’s win my heart every time. What a beautiful sound. Great Vid gents!

  • The lambo truck driver cant drive

  • 10 year revisit of the resale value of these 3 vehicles.

  • So winning a drag race makes it the best car in their opinion. I admit it's much cheaper and probably more bang for buck.

  • Gg ❤️

  • Power of Stellantis Group 💪🏽

  • I love how the Durango plate starts with 'CRY'

  • Lamborghini is for real lovers❤❤💕

  • Urus makes that Lambo noise tho, so, that's an automatic yes from me on the Urus.

  • Now the others were quicker but if track was longer urus would win with the 203mph top speed

  • Dodge Lied. They said they will make as many as they can sell in 2021 and now they only going to make 2k of them?

  • Dodge is insane

  • So with more horse power the uras would beat both the trail hawk and Durango from the dig

  • Imagine buying that Lambo then coming across this video 🤣 the price difference is so dramatic


  • Now bring them on Nurburgring and we’ll see

    • I’m not trying to get on the Nurburgring ring I’m trying to get to Starbucks in record time haha

  • You gotta start the Mopars in the right gear on roll races manually and then switch over to auto.

  • Should've used the Hennessey Trackhawk🤔🤔it might have had a better chance against the Dodge

  • Pls review Audi R8 rwd

  • Well... Like I thought. Whomever was driving the URUS, obviously can't drive... 🤷🏽‍♂️💯🤷🏽‍♂️

  • I don't care what you say at the end of the day the Durango and Trackhawk and more than half the price of the Urus and they manged to pull the Urus to the quarter mile. Yeah the Urus is a luxury-sporty vehicle but just in case you forgot this is LAMBORGHINI we are talking about so yeah.

  • No track hawk if faster then all he just doesn’t know how to drive it.

  • Mannnn y not the X5M or GLE AMG 63

  • Urus is a waste of money

  • For the price of the Urus, you can buy both of the others and have enough change left for a well specced charger. Thought that was worth mentioning

  • Kato in the Urus. I'm dead.

  • Sorry but the Urus looks and performs like a Honda Civic

  • The only drag race chanel I know with no final time, with no final speed, with no anything interesting .. Only bla-bla-bla.. Awful!

  • U should of added the jeep srt

  • Durango owner here!!!💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • Before I watch the video I said the both of the Jeep’s that are going to be the Lamborghini

  • Dodge literally said “HOLD MY BEER”

  • They’re building more just a heads up everybody. They said 2000 and done but due to high demand, they’ll still be made

  • Yet another proud day to be 🇺🇸 👍. Now, to dig through the sock drawer for 90K.. 🤔

  • Everyone was saying Durango doesn’t have a chance against track hawk lmao weight doesn’t matter bruh

  • Why run the track hawk it’s the same as the dodge ..

  • Track hawk and Durango are over hyped

    • Would still take the URUS

  • That Durango is absolutely unfuckingbelievable.

  • Where's the hellcat minivan