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This is my 2nd channel for everything that does not make it to my main channel. More vlogs, raw, and random stuff with no expectations of any sort of consistency.

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12:50Lipat Probinsya with the Family
Lipat Probinsya with the Familyعدد المشاهدات 308 ألف14 أيام قبل
12:34Moving Out of Manila (BUHAY PROBINSYA)
Moving Out of Manila (BUHAY PROBINSYA)عدد المشاهدات 501 ألف14 أيام قبل
16:27ANO GINAGAWA NILA?! (Family Sunday at Alodia’s)
ANO GINAGAWA NILA?! (Family Sunday at Alodia’s)عدد المشاهدات 334 ألف14 أيام قبل
23:55Our 1st Time Traveling Philippines 2021 (Empty Beaches!)
Our 1st Time Traveling Philippines 2021 (Empty Beaches!)عدد المشاهدات 462 ألف21 أيام قبل
17:11NEW Condo Tour (SA WAKAS, sakto ito!)
NEW Condo Tour (SA WAKAS, sakto ito!)عدد المشاهدات 1.5 مليونأشهر قبل
13:52Surprising Grab Driver with NEW iPHONE 12! (Unexpected IYAKAN!)
Surprising Grab Driver with NEW iPHONE 12! (Unexpected IYAKAN!)عدد المشاهدات 170 ألفأشهر قبل
18:20My NEW Neighbor?! (Nico Bolzico)
My NEW Neighbor?! (Nico Bolzico)عدد المشاهدات 894 ألف2 أشهر قبل
8:52Why I Stopped Vlogging
Why I Stopped Vloggingعدد المشاهدات 1.4 مليون2 أشهر قبل
18:55Buying a House in Manila! (SOBRANG MAHAL HUHU)
Buying a House in Manila! (SOBRANG MAHAL HUHU)عدد المشاهدات 818 ألف2 أشهر قبل
13:54Nag FREAK OUT si Mudra LAPTRIP! (Crazy Manila Driving)
Nag FREAK OUT si Mudra LAPTRIP! (Crazy Manila Driving)عدد المشاهدات 219 ألف2 أشهر قبل
15:37Bakit NagkaHIWALAY ang Pamilya Ko
Bakit NagkaHIWALAY ang Pamilya Koعدد المشاهدات 451 ألف3 أشهر قبل
15:26Travel Quarantine in the Philippines (GAANO KA MAHAL?!)
Travel Quarantine in the Philippines (GAANO KA MAHAL?!)عدد المشاهدات 308 ألف3 أشهر قبل
13:21BALIK PINAS para kay LOLA! (Christmas in Philippines)
BALIK PINAS para kay LOLA! (Christmas in Philippines)عدد المشاهدات 422 ألف3 أشهر قبل
15:56My Last Day in America with Dad (UWI NAKO PINAS)
My Last Day in America with Dad (UWI NAKO PINAS)عدد المشاهدات 300 ألف4 أشهر قبل
14:171st Time Crabbing with Tatay! (SOBRANG DAMI ALIMANGO)
1st Time Crabbing with Tatay! (SOBRANG DAMI ALIMANGO)عدد المشاهدات 467 ألف4 أشهر قبل
12:15Testing out the New Toy with my Family (100% WORTH IT!!!)
Testing out the New Toy with my Family (100% WORTH IT!!!)عدد المشاهدات 249 ألف4 أشهر قبل
19:49Surprising Parents with HUGE Xmas Gift (BRUTAL REACTION)
Surprising Parents with HUGE Xmas Gift (BRUTAL REACTION)عدد المشاهدات 403 ألف4 أشهر قبل
19:04Nanay DESTROYS Pudra about THIS! (Kawawang Kano)
Nanay DESTROYS Pudra about THIS! (Kawawang Kano)عدد المشاهدات 482 ألف4 أشهر قبل
14:11Pinaka PAINFUL Challenge sa Youtube! (ft. Pambansang Kolokoy)
Pinaka PAINFUL Challenge sa Youtube! (ft. Pambansang Kolokoy)عدد المشاهدات 262 ألف4 أشهر قبل
12:13May Bisita akong YOUTUBER! (SA WAKAS NAGMEET)
May Bisita akong YOUTUBER! (SA WAKAS NAGMEET)عدد المشاهدات 235 ألف4 أشهر قبل
12:36Bakit GANITO ang mga Filipino Moms?! (SIGAW PA MORE)
Bakit GANITO ang mga Filipino Moms?! (SIGAW PA MORE)عدد المشاهدات 586 ألف4 أشهر قبل
12:21BUNTIS Daw si Kapatid! (KALOKA Reaction ni Mudra!)
BUNTIS Daw si Kapatid! (KALOKA Reaction ni Mudra!)عدد المشاهدات 503 ألف4 أشهر قبل
16:01Pinaka NAKAKATAKOT na Phone Call! (Ang RESULTA)
Pinaka NAKAKATAKOT na Phone Call! (Ang RESULTA)عدد المشاهدات 314 ألف4 أشهر قبل
17:48REUNITED with EFRON! (Childhood Best Friends)
REUNITED with EFRON! (Childhood Best Friends)عدد المشاهدات 604 ألف5 أشهر قبل
17:56Why Erwan Won't Talk to Me Anymore (Chismis!)
Why Erwan Won't Talk to Me Anymore (Chismis!)عدد المشاهدات 523 ألف5 أشهر قبل
Inay! ALIS NA AKO ng America! (UNEXPECTED REACTION)عدد المشاهدات 570 ألف5 أشهر قبل
16:23When Filipino Moms get ANGRY (KATAKOT!)
When Filipino Moms get ANGRY (KATAKOT!)عدد المشاهدات 617 ألف5 أشهر قبل
15:19My Crazy Filipino Sister (SHE'S BACK)
My Crazy Filipino Sister (SHE'S BACK)عدد المشاهدات 848 ألف5 أشهر قبل
15:28This is WORSE than Philippines (BUHAY USA)
This is WORSE than Philippines (BUHAY USA)عدد المشاهدات 606 ألف5 أشهر قبل


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  • Will & Daniel did you dudes eat the Betamax and Isaw? Next will be Balut and sea urchin lol. Do you have a video where you go and try all the street foods? Fist time I had sea urchin was in Palawan on one of the island hopping spots. A lady was hacking them open with a machete. Hack it open and put hot sauce bro

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  • Yes it's right !😊 Living in the province is simple, relaxing ,cozy place with a fresh air ,nature.🥰 Me and my fiance Croatian planning to build house in the province area .. Appreciated this video WIL ! Thank you 😊👍God bless and Good luck . Love your vlogs it's fun to watch

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  • Me and my husband have been married for 11 yrs, 5 yrs BF GF before that. I think the secret is because we respect each other's activities/hobbies. My husband is very active like you Wil, mahilig mag-bike, workout, basketball, etc. Whereas, me, more like Alodia, mahilig din ako matulog lang ng matulog. Kahit walang kain minsan basta madami tulog, lol

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